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ETERNUS SN200 series Fibre Channel Switch : Supported Devices

The sale of this product was terminated in August, 2009.
The successor products are Brocade SAN Switches.

*This product was only available in Asia Pacific and North America.

Supported Servers

Manufacturer Product Name
GlobalServer Fujitsu GS21 600 / 400 / 200A, PRIMEFORCE3000
Mission Critical IA Server (*Note 1) Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST
UNIX server Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise, PRIMEPOWER
Sun Sun Fire, Sun Blade, Sun Enterprise
HP HP9000 series, Integrity (*Note 2)
IBM pSeries, RS/6000 (*Note 2)
Industry Standard Server Fujitsu PRIMERGY
Other Other vendors' industry standard servers

*Note 1: GlobalServer is supported only with SN200 model 540.
*Note 2: Expanded support for other vendors' servers is planned.

Supported Storage Systems

Manufacturer Product Name
Disk Storage Systems Fujitsu ETERNUS Disk storage systems
Tape Libraries Fujitsu ETERNUS Tape libraries

*Note: For other vendor storage support, please contact our sales representative.