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Fujitsu M10 – Most advanced UNIX servers with high performance, reliability & efficiency

Fujitsu SPARC Servers - Fujitsu M10

April 10, 2013

There is nothing more convincing than what the customers say. Take a look at what some of our early access customers have to say about Fujitsu’s all new Fujitsu M10 servers.

"TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION welcomes the Fujitsu release of the new UNIX server SPARC M10.

We joined the SPARC M10 beta program, used the virtualization technologies that were implemented into SPARC M10 servers for our global production/logistics systems, and evaluated efficient usage of hardware resources, performance and reliability. In the beta program, the SPARC M10 server met our expectations.

We are also expecting that the features in SPARC M10 will contribute to maximize efficiency of our investment for our systems.”

-- English translation of a quote from TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION on January 18, 2013.

"NTT DATA sincerely welcomes Fujitsu’s release of the Fujitsu M10 servers. We have evaluated and confirmed the high performance of Fujitsu M10 that stems from Fujitsu's high-performance supercomputer technology.


In recent years the utilization of information has become an important factor in the success or failure of our business. The need for high-speed processing of large amounts of data, such as Big Data, is dramatically increasing.

We believe the announcement of Fujitsu M10 gives us a solution that inspires confidence for our customers. We look forward to further accelerating the adoption of Fujitsu M10 into our IT infrastructure to match the Big Data era with high performance processing capacity.

The future is full of opportunities to greatly extend functionality and support customer business in new ways. We, NTT DATA, will use the exciting new technologies in Fujitsu M10 to drive the development of new IT solutions that in turn directly advance our customers’ business.”

-- Mr. Hiroshi Endo, Senior Vice President of Solution & Technology Company, NTT DATA Corporation

SPARC64 X Processor

Fujitsu’s newest SPARC64™ processor is the cornerstone for high-performance and very cost-efficient range of UNIX servers. Fujitsu M10 series has eight times the performance of previous SPARC Enterprise model and a higher green performance rating than other vendor’s UNIX server. The newest SPARC64™ X processor based on Fujitsu’s 28 nanometer technology, has four times the number of cores and threads compared to the previous SPARC64 VII+ processor.

Plus, its System on Chip technology helps reduce the time it takes to access memory and I/O as controllers for memory, I/O, and inter-CPU interfaces are now all integrated within the new SPARC64 X processor.

SPARC64 X Processor Diagram

This simple design drives benefits for customers across many aspects including:

  • Reduction of power consumption and datacenter load
  • Significant performance improvement compared to the former SPARC server

According to the computational performance comparison by SPECint_rate2006(peak), Fujitsu M10-4S has double the performance of IBM high end UNIX server power 795 at the max. configuration.
When the same number of sockets is utilized Fujitsu M10-4S and IBM Power 795 have a similar level of performance. However Fujitsu M10-4S proves superior when all of its 64 sockets are leveraged in comparison to Power 795’s limit of 32 sockets.

SPECint_rate2006 comparison

IBM Power 795 Fujitsu M10-4S
SPECint_rate2006(peak) 11,300 23,800
Configuration POWER7 4.0GHz with 8 cores/chip and 4 threads/core
32CPU, 256cores
L1 cache :32 KB I + 32 KB D on chip per core
L2 cache:256 KB I+D on chip per core
L3 cache :4 MB I+D on chip per core
2TB of memory
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.0(ppc64)
Kernel 2.6.32-71.el6.ppc64、
IBM XL C/C++ for Linux,
V11.1 Updated with the Nov2010 PTF
SPARC64 X, 3.0GHz with 16 cores/chip and 2 thread/core
64CPU, 1024cores
L1 cache :64 KB I + 64 KB D on chip per core
L2 cache:24 MB I+D on chip per chip
8320GB of memory
Oracle Solaris 11.1
Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3, 1/13 Platform Specific Enhancement

With an 8-socket configuration, Fujitsu M10-4S has much more efficient in power consumption, datacenter space, and floor load than IBM Power 795.

  • Power consumption is approximately two-thirds of Power 795
  • Height comparable to Power 795
  • Weight is one-third of Power 795
IBM Power 795
(8 Processor Books) *1
Fujitsu M10-4S
(8 Building Blocks)
Max. power consumption(kW) 31.9 *1 22.2 *2
Height (meter) 201.4 200
Weight (Kg) 2290 780

*1 For details, refer to “IBM Power 795 Technical Overview and Introduction”

*2 Maximum power loading with 8 processor books and 3 IO drawers at 200 to 240 V

Compared to the former SPARC server, Fujitsu M10-4S has eight times the computing performance.

SPARC Enterprise M9000 Fujitsu M10-4S
SPECint_rate2006(peak) 3,150 23,800
Configuration SPARC64 VII+ 3.0GHz
64CPU, 256cores
L1 cache :64 KB I + 64 KB D on chip per core
L2 cache: 12 MB I+D on chip per chip
2TB of memory
Oracle Solaris 10 9/10
Oracle Solaris Studio 12.2
SPARC64 X, 3.0GHz
64CPU, 1024cores
L1 cache :64 KB I + 64 KB D on chip per core
L2 cache :24 MB I+D on chip per chip
8320GB of memory
Oracle Solaris 11.1
Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3, 1/13 Platform Specific Enhancement

The Fujitsu M10 servers also have unique dynamic scaling capabilities that can meet any business need. The CPU Activation feature offers flexibility of a fine-grained growth at the CPU core level. In addition, the Building Block architecture of the Fujitsu M10-4S and Fujitsu's unique high-speed interconnect technology provides linear performance expansion all the way up to a huge capacity of 1,024 cores in 64 CPU sockets.

Not only that, the Fujitsu M10 servers have the mainframe-class RAS features that customers would expect in the M-series. Improved RAS features include more than 10 times the error checkers, and ECC protected floating-point registers.

Hand in hand with development of semiconductor technology, Fujitsu pursues improvement of high performance and cost efficiency in the mission critical server arena.

SPEC and SPECint are registered trademarks of the the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation
(see for SPEC trademarks and service marks)

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