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FUJITSU Image Scanner

FUJITSU Image Scanner fi Series lineupColor Image Scanner ScanSnap lineup

News & Topics

[October 28, 2014] ScanSnap Software has been uploaded.
- ScanSnap Manager Update (V6.3L23)
- ScanSnap Manager for Mac Update (V6.3L23)
- ScanSnap Organizer Update (V5.2L21)
- ScanSnap Organizer for Mac Update (V1.1L30)
- CardMinder for Mac Update (V5.2L30)
- ScanSnap Online Update Update (V2.0L13)
- ScanSnap Online Update for Mac  Update (V2.0L12)
- iX100 ScanSnap Manuals Update (V1.0L30)
- S1100i ScanSnap Manuals Update (V1.0L30)
- SV600 ScanSnap Manuals Update (V1.0L20)
[September 17, 2014] ScanSnap Connect Application has been updated. (iOS 8 is supported)
[September 11, 2014] PaperStream IP (TWAIN/ TWAIN x64/ISIS) for fi Series has been updated.
[September 9, 2014] PFU Launches the latest ScanSnap iX100/S1100i.
ScanSnap iX100/S1100i Software has been uploaded.
[August 28, 2014] fi Series Software has been uploaded.
- ScandAll PRO V2.0.15 Update Pack
- Kofax Hardware VRS 5.1 Professional Update
- Kofax Software VRS 5.1 Professional Update
[August 8, 2014] fi Series Software has been uploaded.
- Online Update V1.1.0
- Scanner Central Admin Server V04.05.08 / Console V03.03.07 / Agent V1.04.0006.04
- ScanSnap Manager for fi Series 1.0.3


Press Release

[September 9, 2014] New ScanSnap iX100: The World’s Lightest and Fastest Scanner Equipped with Wi-Fi and Built-in Battery
[November 26, 2013] PFU launches the fi-65F: An A6 flatbed scanner most suitable for reception counter
[November 25, 2013] PFU Launches New Range of A4 Scanners, fi-7180 & fi-7280 the Fastest Scanner in its Class

Past news and topics

  • About fi Series
    Introduction of the concept of FUJITSU Image Scanner "fi Series".
  • About ScanSnap
    Introduction of the concept of scanner "ScanSnap".
  • Product Introduction
    It jumps to the product introduction page of fi series. It gets used to a list of a product and looking at the detailed information on each product.