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Drive Activities to Reduce CO2 Emissions in the Supply Chain

Our Approach

The Fujitsu Group takes many steps to combat global warming. In addition to working to cut its own emissions, the Group also requests its business partners to implement CO2-reduction activities as part of its green procurement efforts. As a result, all of the Group's major business partners have launched CO2-reduction activities.

The Group began extending the scope of the activities further up the supply chain in FY 2016. In addition to asking business partners to take reduction-oriented steps, the Group is now also requesting its business partners to encourage similar initiatives at their own suppliers (the secondary suppliers to the Fujitsu Group).

Engaging in activities across the entire supply chain could help us not only expand our reduction effects (through synergy) but also enlarge the scope of the activities internationally, given the border-crossing scale of the supply chain. By pursuing these initiatives, we will keep striving to establish a decarbonized society for future generations.

FY 2016 Performance and Results

Summary of FY 2016 Achievements

Requests/Support for Activity Development at Secondary Suppliers

We asked our major business partners, which account for over 98% of the Group's total procurement value, to ask their own suppliers (secondary suppliers) to comply with the Group's requests for the implementation of CO2-reduction activities. We also assessed the status of activities at our business partners using a unique Environmental Survey Sheet.

After analyzing the survey responses and creating a report outlining activity trends, we provided the results to the partners that submitted survey responses as a form of feedback that they could reference when developing and mplementing future activities, urged the partners to continue engaging in activities, and asked them to extend the scope of activities to their own suppliers.

Although the number of the Group's business partners that had asked their own suppliers to implement activities came to less than 15% of the total as of the end of FY 2016, the number of secondary suppliers that received requests topped 37,000-a promising beginning for substantial awareness-raising initiatives.

The Fujitsu Group will continue to provide unique informational materials and take other steps to help its business partners appreciate the importance of CO2-reduction activities in the supply chain. In addition, the Group will work to bring a growing number of business partners into the effort.

CO2-reduction activities at secondary supplier sites

Informational materials for business partners