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Fujitsu Group will Strive for a Human Centric Intelligent Society in Pursuit of a Vibrant Global Environment and a Sustainable Society.

Fujitsu Limited President: Tatsuya Tanaka
Fujitsu Limited President
Tatsuya Tanaka

Sustainability for the Global Environment is One of Our Strategic Management Issues

A beautiful planet is the wellspring of life, and business growth is inconceivable without sustainability for the Earth and our society. In fact, paying due consideration to the global environment is one of our most important management strategies.

As the world's population grows toward eight billion people, it is pressingly urgent that we optimize our use of limited global resources and energy and carry out sustainable management, to say nothing of confronting the increasing severity of global warming and climate change. The Fujitsu Group believes that its ICT can be a powerful force in addressing these critical issues.

Working Together to Resolve Global Environmental Issues through Human Centric Innovation

For the Fujitsu Group, the use and application of ICT for empowering people, combined with our goal of contributing to building a safe, prosperous, and sustainable society, is the central focus of our business activities and is part of our vision of a Human Centric Intelligent Society. Now more than ever, networks involve not only people, but a variety of things, and possibilities are expanding for leveraging massive amounts of network data (Big Data), with innovation in the hands of anyone possessing the ideas.

Innovation that advances together with you can lead to solutions for very complicated social issues and global environmental problems. With regard to global warming (climate change), for example, Fujitsu is working toward energy utilization and mobility optimization for mega cities growing in various parts of the world and for urban development in emerging countries. This is in addition to our support for regional safety and security, as well as for preparations against frequent natural disasters.

Furthermore, we are leveraging big data to provide real time "visualized" representations of our researchers' knowledge, of diverse information, and of phenomena presently occurring in society leading to sustainable development unbeholden to economic theory. Moreover, we are engaged in agricultural efforts to safely and stably supply food despite climate fluctuations, and we are working on monitoring the atmosphere and water on a global scale in order to support the individuals working in these areas and to generate new value.

Toward Environmental Management Supporting Not Only Customers but also the Sustainability of Society

Along with contributing to the sustainability of the Earth through our business activities, the Fujitsu Group also implements its own thorough efforts toward environmental consciousness within our companies. We build and operate durable datacenters with extensive energy saving features and make concerted efforts toward ensuring our own resiliency so that we will be able to continue providing services to customers even when faced with a variety of changing circumstances.

Going forward, we intend to further increase the robustness of these contributions through our business. The Fujitsu Group is aiming to realize a sustainable society for our customers and for society at large by leveraging services with integrated products and solutions that drive forward our business strategies. We are doing so by building an ecosystem in union with our diverse stakeholders. We will continue our efforts toward globally addressing large-scale issues and will strive to solve environmental challenges across our entire value chain.