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FUJITSU Climate and Energy Vision

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Environmental Vision

FUJITSU Climate and Energy Vision

The Fujitsu Group has established the "FUJITSU Climate and Energy Vision," a medium- to long-term environmental vision through 2050, with the goal of bringing the Fujitsu Group's CO2 emissions to zero, and achieving a decarbonized society, as well as contributing to the response to climate change, through technology supporting digital transformation.

By achieving this vision, Fujitsu will create innovation through ICT that plays a role in leading the way to a post-carbon society.

Bringing Fujitsu's CO2 emissions down to zero

emissionFujitsu has set a target for itself of zero CO2 emissions by 2050 through innovative energy saving initiatives by deploying cutting-edge technology and strategic utilization of renewable energy and carbon credits.

Contributing to a decarbonized society

adjustmentFujitsu will help to realize optimal use of energy and de-carbonization of society as a whole through creation of innovation by shaping the ecosystem in various fields such as smart mobility and smart manufacturing.

Contributing to adaptation to climate change

easingFujitsu will help mitigate the loss and damage from climate change to customers and society through building resilient social infrastructure and enabling a stable food supply by using technologies such as High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Decarbonized society and its potential for business

Toward a decarbonized society, innovative ideas have been created one after another in various fields.
This video clip will showcase case studies of businesses for decarbonization by using ICT and introduce that a collaboration of diverse people can develop an outstanding business.
Watch this to find out more.