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International Support and Disaster-Relief Activities

Supporting Tropical Rainforest Restoration Activities through Beverage Sales

Community Engagement

As part of the Fujitsu Group's social contribution and environmental activities, Fujitsu sells its own private brand beverages to employees, a portion of the proceeds of which are directed to tropical rainforest restoration activities underway at the Fujitsu Group Malaysia Eco Forest Park. As of the end of FY2016, a total of around 2.93 million beverages had been sold since the start of this initiative in 2009, which has helped contribute to promoting activities.

Activities that Contribute to Society by Group Employees

Community Engagement

Employees of Fujitsu Group companies voluntarily participate in everyday social contribution activities, such as collecting used plastic bottle caps, stamps and prepaid cards and donating the proceeds to polio vaccine or seedling planting projects.

Employees participate in the "sutenai seikatsu", or waste free lifestyle, activities. "Sutenai seikatsu" activities are intended to support Shapla Neer (Citizen's Committee in Japan for Overseas Support), an international NGO engaged in volunteer activities, by donating the sales of used books and DVDs collected from employees.

Support for Damage from Natural Disasters

Community Engagement

The Fujitsu Group is carrying out donation and contribution campaigns in order to assist with efforts to recover from the damage caused by natural disasters.

For examples of overseas cases where we donated and contributed to support natural disaster recovery, please see below (cases in Japan are covered on our Japanese website)

FY 2013

FY 2011

FY 2010