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The Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY BX900 S2 is the accelerated dynamic server infrastructure in a single cube. This blade server can be dynamically adapted to various IT requirements and provides significant economic advantages for a large and growing number of applications to protect your investments. Maximum enclosure density and highly efficient, 80Plus Platinum certified power supply units, controlled by ServerView Power Management, provide additional savings.
  • 3Star Icon - Green IT
  • Intel®/sup Xeonsup® processor
  • PRIMERGY 20years Badge

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Dynamic Power & Cooling
  • Using our Cool-safe™ cooling concept, combined with 94% efficient power supplies and the enhanced ServerView power management software, it ensures maximum dynamic power & cooling. Combined with the 94% PSUs, the holistic power management enables for most accurate control of predefined maximum chassis power consumption.

  • Save energy costs as never before - guaranteed
Dynamic Virtualization
  • Equipped with server blades that are utilizing CPUs out of the latest generation Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2400v2 / E5-2600v3 product family, very large memory capacities and extended I/O performance, the PRIMERGY BX900 S2 is once again the optimal system for any virtualization scenario on the one hand, and for resource and performance hungry applications on the other hand.

  • Easily deploy more or larger virtual and physical machines than ever before and in this way increase your IT performance and consolidation ratio.
Dynamic High Availability
  • Due to its fully redundant design (management blades, connection blades, fans, PSUs), and in combination with ServerView Resource Orchestrator (ROR), the PRIMERGY BX900 S2 can completely protect itself against any possible failure; at the same time it excels with the fastest automatic recovery, and with a flexible allocation of its available resources to services, according to requirements.

  • Best availability, most effective server protection and the agility to adapt to changing requirements.
Dynamic Scalability
  • With space for up to 18 server and/or storage Blades, 8 connection blades, 6 power supply units and 2 management blades in a 10U high chassis, the PRIMERGY BX900 S2 incorporates the highest density. Combined with switch blade stacking the system allows highly flexible scaling and simplified management.

  • Complete investment protection and flexible growth scenarios.

Technical details

CharacteristicsComplete dynamic server infrastructure in a single chassis for enterprise data centers. Next generation blade server ecosystem designed for constantly changing IT environments.
System unit type10 U chassis for 19-inch rack
Dimensions482.6 mm (Bezel) / 445mm (Body) x 778 x 438
WeightUp to 191 kg
Max. output of single power supply2880 W / 1360 W (240 V / 100 V)
Front bays18 half height or 9 full height bays for server or storage blades
MidplaneHigh speed midplane with 4 redundant fabrics
Rear bays8 x for Connection Blades (2 Connection Blades per fabric), 6 x for PSU modules
Management Blades1x hot-plug Management Blade as standard, redundant Management Blade as option
Fan configurationUp to 3 additional hot plug, redundant fan modules
Power supply configurationUp to 6x hot-plug power supply module, 3x as minimum
(4th to 6th power supply module neccessary for redundancy, and depending on system configuration)
Operating buttonsOn/off switch, ID button
Status LEDsPower (amber / green), System status (orange), Identification (blue)
Service displayServerView Local Service Display for Blade (LSB)
Warranty period3 years
Warranty typeOnsite warranty
Recommended Service24x7 Onsite Service with 4h Onsite Response Time
Service Lifecycle5 years after end of product life


PRIMERGY BX2560 M1 right sideThe FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY BX2560 M1 sets higher standards for performance, usability and efficiency. The dual-socket server blade can be eqipped with latest Intel® Xeon® E5-2600v3 processors and DDR4 memory technology which makes it optimal for demanding workloads, such as mail and messaging services, collaboration, enterprise applications and virtual environments. The embedded dual-channel 10 Gbit/s universal converged network adapter with 8 physical functions per channel, usable for Ethernet, iSCSI, FCoE and RDMA over Converged Ethernet, allows allocating the network throughput to match individual application needs. Two additional PCIe 3.0 I/O expansion slots support the use of the highest performing mezzanine cards now and into the future.
PRIMERGY BX2580 M1 right sideThe FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY BX2580 M1 is optimized for extensive virtualization and consolidation projects as well as demanding high performance computing applications. It can be equipped with two processors of the latest Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 processor family, up to 1,536 GB of DDR4 memory (with 64 GB DIMMs), two 1,8” SSD drives, and provides further boot options with local UFM and SATADOM flash devices.
PRIMERGY Blade Server BX920 S3 side rightThe Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY BX920 S4 is a dual-socket server blade which offers the ideal balance of performance and cost-efficiency. It provides breakthrough server blade economics for essential enterprise workloads with the latest Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2400v2 product family, 768GB of memory, two hot-plug hard disk drives and flexible networking options via the onboard dual-channel 10Gbit/s Ethernet Converged Network Adapter.
PRIMERGY SX960 - side rightThe Fujitsu PRIMERGY SX960 Storage Blade offers direct-attached storage for the PRIMERGY BX Blade Server with support of up to 10 hot-plug SAS or SATA hard disks. The storage blade can be inserted, like a server blade, in the front of the blade server housing. It can be hot-plugged and used with various types of server blades. The BX Blade Servers' midplanes offer PCI Express connections to the adjacent server blades, enabling top-quality memory access without using additional cables. The PRIMERGY SX960 Storage Blade has an onboard LSI MegaRAID controller with 512 MB Write Back Cache and optional Battery Backup Unit, for top performance and data security.
Use Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2012 or other software products of your choice to turn the SX960 into an iSCSI SAN for all severs in the enclosure. As part of a network-attached storage appliance, Windows Storage Server 2012 enhances the traditional file serving capabilities and delivers excellent economics for a shared storage solution by leveraging industry standard hardware matched with robust storage capabilities. It delivers continuous availability that is designed to protect from a range of failures and prevent downtime in a scalable and reliable manner.
PRIMERGY Storage Blade SX980 S1 side right standingThe Fujitsu PRIMERGY SX980 S2 is ideal suited for mid-sized organizations and branch offices which would like to expand their internal storage capacity within the PRIMERGY Blade Server chassis. The SX980 S2 is a SAS 2.0 storage solution that helps users easily transition from direct attached to centralized storage. This storage blade is connected via midplane to one or two SAS Connection Blades, holding up to 10 hot-plug SAS HDD’s or SSD’s, accessible by any server blade installed in the enclosure.
FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY BX Ethernet Switch/IBP 1Gbit/s 36/12
BX900 Ethernet switch IBP 1Gb 36/12 - right sideThe PRIMERGY Ethernet Switch/IBP 36/12 is an integrated 1 Gbit/s Connection Blade for use in the PRIMERGY BX400 and BX900 chassis. It can be installed in all Connection Blade bays (4x in BX400, 8x in BX900) and provides 36 downlink ports each with 1 Gbit/s to the midplane to connect with the Server Blades. The module contains 12 uplink ports each 1 Gbit/s; Layer 2+ functionalities are supported.
PRIMERGY BX Ethernet Switch/IBP 1Gbit/s 36/8+2
BX900 Ethernet switch IBP 1Gb 36/8 +2 - front 1The PRIMERGY Ethernet Switch/IBP 36/8+2 is an integrated 1 Gb Connection Blade for use in the PRIMERGY BX400 and BX900 chassis. It can be installed in each Connection Blade slot (4x in BX400, 8x in BX900) and provides 36 downlink ports each with 1 Gb to the midplane to connect with the Server Blades.
FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY BX Fibre Channel Switch 8 Gbit/s 18/8 (Brocade 5450)
BX900 Fibre Channel switch 8Gb 18/8 - right sideBlade Server and Fibre Channel SANs form an ideal infrastructure for maximizing consolidation and server virtualization benefits. By connecting blade servers and SAN switch platforms of the highest density Fujitsu and Brocade offer extraordinary performance, reliability and flexibility.
FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY BX Fibre Channel Pass Thru 8Gbit/s 18/18
BX900 Fibre Channel Pass-Thru 8 GB18/18 - sideBlade Servers and Fibre Channel SANs build an ideal infrastructure for maximizing the benefits of consolidation and server virtualization. In addition to Fibre Channel switch blades Fujitsu offers a connection blade for direct transmission of sensitive data between servers and storage.
PRIMERGY BX Ethernet Pass Thru 1/10Gbit/s 18/18
PRIMERGY CB Eth Pass-Thru 10 Gb 18-18 - front 2Each of the up to six auto-sensing 1/10Gbit/s Ethernet Pass-Thru Blades in a PRIMERGY BX Blade Server is an ideal complement for clients looking to enable up to 18 end-to-end non-blocking and lossless, direct 1 and 10 Gbit/s connections between server blades and the network.
FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY BX Ethernet Switch/IBP 1Gbit/s 18/6
PRIMERGY CB Switch-IBP 1 Gb 18-6 - sideThe PRIMERGY Ethernet Switch/IBP 18/6 is an integrated 1 Gbit/s Connection Blade for use in the PRIMERGY BX chassis. It provides 18 downlink ports with respective 1Gbit/s to the midplane for connection with the server blades as well as 6 uplink ports.
FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY BX SAS Switch 6Gbit/s 18/6
The Fujitsu CB SAS Switch 6Gb 18/6 for the PRIMERGY BX Blade Servers is an integral part of the SAS storage solution, providing a straight forward architecture for chassis internal and external, dedicated as well as shared storage resources. The SAS Connection Blade is the connecting part between the SAS mezzanine card in the server blades and the PRIMERGY SX980 storage blade(s) in the PRIMERGY BX Blade Servers.
FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY BX InfiniBand Switch 56 Gbit/s 18/18
PRIMERGY CB Switch IB 56Gb 18/18 FDR (right)The InfiniBand Switch 56 Gb 18/18 is a double-width Connection Blade that can be used in the Fujitsu PRIMERGY Blade Servers. The Connection Blade offers maximum performance by providing a high bandwidth and at the same time low latency.
FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY BX Ethernet FEX 10Gbit/s 16/8 (Cisco Nexus B22F)
PRIMERGY BX Ethernet FEX 10Gbit/s 16/8 (Cisco Nexus B22F) sideThe PRIMERGY BX Ethernet FEX 10Gbit/s 16/8 is a Connection Blade for Fujitsu PRIMERGY Blade Servers and is an element of Fujitsu’s DynamicFabric approach to create a highly-flexible and optimized network infrastructure. The Connection Blade is part of the Cisco Fabric Extender (FEX) portfolio, which provides a scalable unified server access platform supporting up to 10Gbit/s Ethernet over both fiber and copper and data center bridging protocols.
FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY BX Fibre Channel Switch 16Gbit/s 18/8 (Brocade 6545)
The PRIMERGY Fibre Channel 16Gbit/s 18/8 Connection Blade meets the demands of hyper-scale, private cloud environments by delivering market-leading Fibre Channel technology and capabilities that support the explosive data growth and dynamic changes driven by virtualized workloads.
FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY BX Ethernet Switch 10/40Gbit/s 18/8+2
The PRIMERGY Ethernet Switch 18/8+2 is an integrated 10/40 Gbit/s Ethernet connection blade with DCB mode for use in the PRIMERGY BX400 and BX900 blade server chassis. Collaboration with Top of Rack (ToR) switches enables for operation of converging FCoE, extending usage areas comprehensively.

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Recommended Service24x7 Onsite Service with 4h Onsite Response Time


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