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Current version: V3.5

The use of dialog operation in DP systems has spawned a multitude of different applications within companies over the last few years. Even in the long term it will not be feasible to consolidate all of these functions, nor is this desirable in many cases.

On the other hand, these applications are not totally independent of each other: Office workers need to work with or fetch information from the various applications. A user-friendly, simple process is thus required which allows terminal users to work with these different applications.

OMNIS-MENU supports this mode of operation in BS2000 with conventional terminals, and can be used in the following areas:
  • Dialog control for more than one (openUTM) application A menu-driven user interface makes it considerably easier to communicate with more than one application. OMNIS-MENU, in conjunction with OMNIS (on which it is based), controls connection setup and cleardown and provides user-friendly switchover facilities. If the communication partners are openUTM or DCAM applications, OMNIS-MENU can also be used with large numbers of terminals. 
  • User-specific terminals With the aid of OMNIS-MENU's generation functions, a terminal can be produced which is tailored to individual user needs.