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ScanSnap S510


ScanSnap S510

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Equivalent current scanner: ScanSnap iX500

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ScanSnap S510

ScanSnap S510 - The Paper Manager ! ScanSnap S510 now gains a Quick menu mode, just press place documents to be scanned, press the Green scan button, Quick Menu pops up allowing you to direct the resultant PDF file to a number of applications at the click of a mouse [IMG]/support/scanner/images/510_quickmenu.jpg[/img] A complete desktop solution, simply press one scanner button to convert colour or mono multi page, double sided documents into digital PDF files which you can file, organise, share and email The ScanSnap software automatically creates Adobe PDF files which have become the de-facto standard for document exchange, enabling you to send documents anywhere in the world safe in the knowledge the recipient will see the document exactly as you see it. ScanSnap S510 can also scan information directly into either Word, Excel or PowerPoint 2003 via OCR using the Scan2xxxx functions integrated into the ScanSnap software or Drag and drop files within ScanSnap Organizer to convert to Word, Excel or PowerPoint 2003 editable documents. To make scanning as simple as possible, ScanSnap inspects each document to decide if a document should be scanned in black and white or colour, what the size of the page being scanned is and eliminate blank pages, all of which serve to speed the scanning operation and minimise your storage requirements. In addition each document will have misaligned text corrected (Auto Deskew) and each page will have its orientation automatically adjusted. Using the supplied carrier sheet provides A3 scanning capability, A3 pages are folded and placed in the carrier sheet, when scanned, Scansnap will automatically stitch the 2 (front & back) images together to recreate the full A3 image The carrier sheet can also be used for scanning photos/documents which might be easily scratched or irregular shaped documents which are difficult to feed otherwise and may cause paper jams. ScanSnap incorporates a 50 page automatic document feeder, duplex capability and colour scanning within a surprisingly small footprint and is supplied with a full version of Adobe® Acrobat® 8.0 Bundled Software ScanSnap Manager [IMG]/support/scanner/images/scansnap_manager.jpg[/IMG] Fast & easy creation of searchable PDF documents Easy access to predefined scanning profiles Allows files to be renamed at scan time Continuous scanning, easily create PDFs greater than the ADF capacity Password protect PDF files Auto orientation alignment Scan A3 pages using Carrier sheet ScanSnap Organizer [IMG]/support/scanner/images/scansnap_organiser.jpg[/IMG] ScanSnap Organizer is a virtual filing cabinet which allows you to file, organise, email, print, OCR and browse your scanned documents without the need to open them in Acrobat, It can also convert Scansnap scanned PDF's into fully searchable PDF as a background process. PDFs can also be OCRed directly into Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2003 editable documents. ScanSnap CardMinder [IMG]/support/scanner/images/scansnap_cardminder.jpg[/IMG] This application will intelligently capture the information from business cards. Cardminder now includes IntelliSync which enables the data to be exported to a number of PM applications. The information captured is available across the range of Windows applications, simply highlight a person or company name within your document or application, press Alt-F3 on the PC keyboard and the related business card images will pop onto your screen as an instant aide memoire of that persons job function, address, contact details etc. The underling database can be stored and exported to a variety of PIM software such as OutLook, ACT and Goldmine via the IntelliSync. For your peace of mind the S510 is covered by a 2 year Advanced Exchange warranty. Note: The ScanSnap device driver does not support the TWAIN or ISIS protocol. Scanned images cannot be acquired directly from TWAIN or ISIS based applications

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Model ScanSnap S510
Functional Specifications
Scanning Technology CCD image sensor
Scanning Mode Black and White / Grey Scale / Colour
Document Feeding Mode ADF Flatbed
Yes No
ADF Capacity 50 pages
Document Size ADF minimum:
ADF maximum:
Scanning Speeds
(200 or 300 dpi, Colour, Greyscale and Monochrome)
Output Simplex Duplex
A4 Portrait
ADF Background Colour White (default) / Black selectable
Bundled Software FJ TWAIN driver, ScandallPRO, Adobe Acrobat, ISIS Driver, QuickScan (demo), Soft IPC (demo), VRS Pro
Functions Image Emphasis, Simplified DTC, Error Diffussion, Dither, Moire removal, RGB DropoutHardware Jpeg compression FJ TWAIN driver, ScandallPRO, Adobe Acrobat, ISIS Driver, QuickScan (demo), Soft IPC (demo), VRS Pro
Interface(s) USB 2.0
Physical Specifications
Acoustic Noise -
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 158mm x 301mm x 160mm
Weight 4.2kg
Humidity (operating) 20-80% RH (non-condensing)
Power Consumption 38 (6.2 sleep mode)W
Power Requirement 100-240VAC
Operating Temperature 5-35degrees C
Reliability Specifications
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) 10000power on hours
Component Life -
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