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Fujitsu Repair Service

The Fujitsu Repair Service is now one of the largest repair service providers

The Fujitsu Repair Service is now one of the UK’s largest repair service providers; serving the telecoms, retail and public sectors with a wide portfolio of services and solutions. More than 7000 items leave our facility every month – shipping out to customers in the UK, Ireland, Europe, Japan and USA. We have the proven ability and expertise to cross many traditional boundaries – transversing manufacturers and technologies.

Our award winning facility is accredited to British and International standards and is recognised throughout the world. We support major retail and telecommunications suppliers including many commercial accounts from our two facilities in Birmingham, UK and Antrim, Northern Ireland.

Repair and refurbishment of the following items is undertaken:

  • Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) devices
  • Self Check Out
  • Scanner Scales
  • Printers
  • Chip and Pin devices
  • Laptops and Notebooks
  • IT Hardware and peripherals
  • Telsets/PBX and other Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)
  • Motherboards
  • Printed Circuit Boards (including component level replacement)
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Phone – Data wiping

We undertake the highest-quality electronic, electro-mechanical and cosmetic rebuilds of damaged or badly-worn devices down to component level. Extensive in-house test facilities are adapted to suit each project's requirements, with appropriate test programmes being devised accordingly.

We focus on preventing unnecessary waste and disposal of electronic hardware by offering recovery of components from products otherwise destined for disposal, reducing waste and extending product lifetimes.

Our refurbishment and remanufacturing processes comply with the EC Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment directive, while applying a complete WEEE service. We operate to WEEE standards, utilise environmentally benign materials and designs, and support customers’ compliance with our range of recycle and waste management services.