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Publiacqua S.p.A.

"SAP® HANA™ will allow us to bring in operating and management reporting, while cutting development times and associated infrastructure costs, thereby improving business reporting performance"

Luciano Caroti Head of IT Systems, Publiacqua S.p.A.

The Customer

Since 1 January 2002, Publiacqua S.p.A. has been contracted to manage the integrated water services for Italy’s ‘Local Authority Water Board No 3 – Medio Valdarno’. The company has 648 employees, turns over € 160 million and provides services across four Italian provinces (Florence, Prato, Pistoia and Arezzo) and 49 municipalities, serving around 1,277,000 people across more than 380,000 properties. Publiacqua’s role ranges from producing and selling drinking water, to filtering and managing sewers, chemical and biological laboratory checks, and the assessment and management of partnerships pertaining to its core business.

The Challenge

As part of a process to improve its business services – which involved significant organisational changes – steps were taken to improve project and performance management. The IT Systems Department identified a number of development areas to support strategic management objectives, including the important role of the “management dashboard” and of integrated reporting features. The main drivers behind the solution chosen by the company were speed of development, flexibility, performance and the need to constrain investment.

The initial situation was characterised by limited computerisation of business reporting processes and procedures, as well as unstructured internal reporting and limited middle management involvement. In technical terms, the decision was also driven by the need to develop SAP infrastructure with an eye to business strategy, allowing an increasing number of users within the business to have access to reports.

The Benefit

Having looked into a number of alternatives, Publiacqua opted to introduce SAP® HANA™ into its existing SAP infrastructure in order to achieve its goals. It was felt that SAP® HANA™ was the perfect way to create an environment that would ensure the best possible infrastructure stability, twinned with the fastest and most flexible processing functions.
HANA™ is well-suited for use with non-standardised business warehouses, making it possible to use their structures and then build and modify applications very simply, thereby maximising investment effectiveness while maintaining existing infrastructure.

Since the goal of the project was to consolidate reporting infrastructure, it was essential for the client to be able to give increasing numbers of users access to reports, as well as to ensure fast recovery of environments in the event of a component malfunction or fail. Fujitsu’s multi-node solution meets each and every one these requirements.

“The choice was made to go with SAP® HANA™ technology and Fujitsu Technology Solutions systems, which ensure simple and certified native recovery of environments in the event of failure,” says Mauro Cacciafani, Technology Infrastructure Manager at Publiacqua.

Once fully implemented, the solution will be extended with another dedicated node for managing environments and for test/development activities. However, even in its current configuration, the solution will allow middle management to access operating and management reports, use planning tools and build applications based on business warehouse data infrastructures.


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