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AVAS (BS2000)

BS2000 job management allows automation of job production to reduce dialog entries to a minimum

Current Version: 8.5 inclusive AVAS-SV-BS2 V8.5 for BS2000

AVAS implements the automation of planning, preparation, release, control and monitoring of production sequences in BS2000. The management and controlling functions of AVAS perform on BS2000. From the BS2000 platform, AVAS can start and monitor jobs on further BS2000 systems which can be connected via the HIPLEX MSCF or via a server AVAS-SV-BS2.

The advantages are :
  • Productivity increase in job handling and job management through interactive, quantity-oriented operation.
  • Planning, preparation and handling of computer center jobs are fully automatic. 
  • Deadlines are met consistently. 
  • Performance monitoring and trend analysys. 
  • More quality and reliability in job handling. 
  • More transparency. 
  • Reduction in attended shifts.