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SCA (BS2000)

For increasing the overall installation throughput to make computer organization centers more flexible

Current version: V20.0 and V19.0

The SCA product offers an efficient means of access within the catalog management system, which leads to a considerable reduction in internal catalog access operations.

The sequential access method previously used for the BS2000 catalog may lead to prolonged access times with high I/O overhead if a large number of entries exist under one user ID, necessitating intensive catalog processing. Thanks to the introduction of SCA, these restrictions are eliminated and direct and rapid internal access is made possible. The benefit which can be derived from this method depends on the catalog organization (number of entries under one user ID) and the proportion of catalog-intensive processing in the system.

Whenever it is required, SCA can be included in the existing catalog system to replace the previous sequential access method by the direct access. Direct access to a structurally unchanged catalog is made possible by an index stored in memory that is set up at system loading time and which is dynamically updated. This new function makes access independent of catalog organization in the case of catalogs with a large number of entries under a single user ID. Wherever intensive catalog processing is necessary, SCA offers a number of advantages in system behavior and computer center organization.