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South Africa Special Design Edition: Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 and S1300

PFU celebrates 50th Anniversary

PFU Imaging Solutions Europe

July 28, 2010
Limited edition ScanSnaps

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of PFU, a fully owned subsidiary of Fujitsu, PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited today announced the availability of special edition Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 and S1300 models, which have sold over 1 million models worldwide in the document scanner market. PFU Imaging Solutions Europe and the Fujitsu family of scanners are the market leader in document imaging scanners and related services. PFU Japan began operations under the name Unoke Electronic Industries in 1960, and continued to thrive in the rapidly evolving IT industry by releasing high quality products including office computers, Unix servers and ECM software.

The special limited-edition ScanSnap models are decorated using an Urushi lacquer coating and gold decorations. The high-quality lacquer coating is applied using the centuries-old method “Wajima lacquerware” which originated from Ishikawa Prefecture, in Japan, a region renowned for its excellent craftsmanship in traditional Japanese lacquerware and the birthplace of PFU.

Luxurious and Traditional Design

The art of Wajima lacquerware

The design of the special edition ScanSnap models represents the pinnacle of traditional Japanese aesthetics and convenience. The special models are the result of the collaboration between PFU and Japan's premier maker of Wajima lacquerware, one of the most recognised examples of traditional Japanese crafts.

Lacquering ScanSnaps

The durable lacquer coating is applied using a special layering technique called “Tenpi kurome”, and is accompanied by the depiction of a Golden Eagle (the official bird of Ishikawa) and company logo made from pure gold powder.

50th Anniversary Lottery

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited will give away 10 of these special edition ScanSnap collectors' models as prizes. All customers that purchase ScanSnap scanners until October 31st, 2010 are invited to register for this exceptional lottery. Additionally, people interested in ScanSnap can register for the draw as well by visiting the Fujitsu website and following the anniversary promotion link, posted from beginning of August 2010. The draw is scheduled to take place on November 10th, 2010.

“Fujitsu is the worldwide leader in document scanners and scanner related services. To celebrate PFU 50th anniversary, the manufacturer of these award winning scanners, we want to honour and reward our customers and demonstrate our exceptional product quality and design,” said Douglas Rudolph, General Manager Marketing, PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited.

Organisational Assistant

As well as ornate designs on the outside, the inside of the ScanSnap S1500 and S1300 models come with advanced features to make scanning easier and more intuitive. Intelligent processing allows users to scan a variety of documents without having to adjust scanner settings. With the simple push of a button, ScanSnap automatically transforms sheets of paper into digital images, detecting the page size, page orientation, colour setting and whether it's a double-sided or single-sided document.

Price and Availability

For customers who may want to purchase a special ScanSnap edition, these are available through our regular EMEA distribution channels. To learn more about how to purchase, please contact us by sending an email to or by calling us; in the United Kingdom +44 (0) 20 8573 4444, in Germany +49 (0) 89 32378-0 or in Italy +39 02 26294.272. Pricing will be as follows:

Part numberProduct Recommended Retail Price
PA03586-B511 ScanSnap S1500€ 2.500, £ 2.100, $ 3.200 (excluding VAT)
PA03603-B511 ScanSnap S1300€ 1.750, £ 1.470, $ 2.200 (excluding VAT)

About PFU Limited

PFU Limited, a subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited, is a $1 billion global enterprise that designs, develops, manufactures and markets globally computer hardware, peripheral products, enterprise software and systems. PFU Limited has been engaged in document imaging scanner business over 20 years.

About PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited

Operating in Europe / Middle East / Africa, PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited is a market- leading provider of document image scanners for professional desktop, workgroup and high volume production environments; biometric authentication sensors and dot-matrix printers. Established in the United Kingdom in 1981, PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited, a subsidiary of PFU Limited (Japan), has its head office in the UK with subsidiaries in Germany and Italy.

PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited

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Company:PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Limited

Date: 28 July, 2010