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HR on the Cloud

Cloud computing refers to a method of IT service delivery and consumption where computer power and storage are accessed remotely in a scalable ‘on-demand’ manner. The cloud is driving a new level of flexibility and cost saving for customers by utilizing computing resource while helping them to innovate and focus on core business. Leverage the power of cloud computing, today, Fujitsu is already helping our customer by delivering a broad range of cloud-base service solutions.

EZ Manage Cloud provides a secured, completely integrated cloud-based service to run the human resource management and salary calculation for the small and medium business. It not only utilizes the advantages from our previous on-premise EZ Manage application, but also offers various benefits to customer based on cloud computing technology. Using the Internet connection, users can access EZ Manage Cloud service from everywhere to manage all aspects of their organization’s human resources including employee management, workflow, payroll, time attendance and reporting. Proving flexible configuration while following standard rule of Vietnamese Label Law, EZ Manage Cloud supports customer to focus in their business with optimized cost saving in IT operations.

Service features

1. Human Resources – Manage employee

  • Basic employee information, including name, department, contact, working history, etc.
  • Salary and insurance: basic salary, tax, health and social insurance
  • Education and training management
  • Contract, discipline and award management

2. Time Attendance – Process time in/out and working schedule

  • Flexible setting working schedule for employees
  • Reporting of daily attendance information, overtime and shift time
  • Notification of abnormal time attendance, for example late in/early out, wrong shift etc…
  • Approval process for working time and abnormal cases

3. Calculate payroll and reimbursement in compliance with Vietnamese Labor Law and Company’s Policy

  • Monthly income calculation
  • Allowance generation (meal, transportation, position, shift etc.)
  • Monthly payment and reimbursement management
  • Support managerial reports such as payroll transaction, income tax, social, health insurance
EZ Manage Cloud Solution

Figure 1: EZ Manage Cloud solution

Service benefits

Fujitsu EZ Manage Cloud service offer following benefit to customers:

• Lowest infrastructure costs

Customer doesn’t need to investigate highly up-front cost in IT infrastructure, servers, power, software’s license and machines location.

• Lowest operational burden

EZ Manage help customers “decouple” their business operations from the complex IT operations. Since Fujitsu hosts IT as a service, customer can reduce cost of IT operation at the minimum number.

• Stable and secured operation

With experience in security and stable IT infrastructure, customers don’t have to worry about any trouble with hardware or security issues. The data centers operate with international quality standard with reliable facilities and robust security system. In additional, we provide on-line supporting service to make sure highest quality of delivery service for our customers.

• Scalability

Customer is able to use EZ Manage Cloud in scalable, “on-demand” manners. This means that our delivery service can be scalable to adapter with changing of customer’s business volume, for example, number of employees, computing powers, storage size etc.