Fujitsu has been with 7-Eleven for a long time and so understood the company thoroughly, in addition they are knowledgeable, and have technology that is distinguishable.

Mr. Hiroyuki Harajima, General Manager SEVEN-ELEVEN JAPAN CO., LTD.
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Seven-Eleven Japan is working with Fujitsu to improve product delivery to its 20,000 national stores.


7-Eleven is the No.1 convenience store chain in Japan, with over 20,000 stores nationwide. There are 156 partner delivery centers (as of February 2018) found across Japan, and approximately 5,900 trucks and 13,000 drivers who distribute these products to the stores on a daily basis.


7-Eleven needed to create a retail technology system that would ensure the continuous delivery of products during national emergencies. But pinpointing the exact location of trucks was a difficult task and affected communications with drivers, making it difficult to give correct instructions.


Fujitsu’s operation management system ensures logistics quality by analyzing truck locations in real time and feeding this data back to a central operating center.


  • Using cloud management eliminates waiting time and improves efficiency by managing product delivery in real time
  • Improved product distribution to 20,000 stores across Japan through better operations management systems
  • Enables continuous delivery during heavy snow in the Hokuriku region of Japan

Download Full Case Study PDF

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