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  5. EURO Kartensysteme gains from high-performance and legally compliant SAP operations

EURO Kartensysteme gains from high-performance and legally compliant SAP operations

"Fujitsu impressed us with its extensive SAP experience and indepth knowledge of the financial sector. The partner guided us through the entire project professionally and with the utmost advisory competence."

Wolfgang Weber, Accounting EURO Kartensysteme GmbH

At EURO Kartensysteme GmbH, Fujitsu guarantees the high-performance and stable operation of the SAP environment including maintenance.


In the joint interest of the German Banking Industry Committee, EURO Kartensysteme GmbH performs tasks in the area of card-supported payment transactions. The company offers competent support to institutions, banking associations, card organizations and partners that are involved in the card business – regardless of the type of card (credit cards, debit cards and the girocard system).


The spin-off of EURO Kartensysteme GmbH (EKS) from the parent company Concardis GmbH was followed by the separation of the IT systems. To this end, EKS needed its own SAP environment for mapping its business processes.


Fujitsu implemented a three-level highavailability SAP environment, which it hosts in its own high-security computer centers. In line with its integrated service portfolio, Fujitsu is also responsible for basic SAP operations as well as the procurement of SAP licenses and maintenance.


  • Provision of a fail-safe, three-level SAP environment
  • Guaranteed high-performance and stable process flows
  • Legally compliant mapping of all credit card transactions
  • Integrated solution concept including hosting, basic operations, network connection, licenses and maintenance
  • Competent and proactive consulting services at eye level


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