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FACOM M-780 Model Group (1985)

Ultra-large general purpose computers introduced in 1985 which were the world's largest and fastest. The FACOM M-780 model group consisted of 6 models: the M-780/10S, M-780/10, M-780/20S, M-780/20, M-780/30, and M-780/40. These models required an installation space equivalent to those for the past FACOM M-380/382 series, but displayed performance ranging from roughly 1.7 times to a maximum of 6.7 times higher than the FACOM M-380, and were the largest models in the world with the fastest processing capacity. In particular, the top-level FACOM M-780/40 possessed exceedingly high capacity and processing speed, able to process over 1 million banking transactions per hour.