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UNIX Server SPARC Enterprise M8000 specification

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Model Name SPARC Enterprise M8000
Type Floor stand, data center unit
Processor Type SPARC64™ VI SPARC64™ VII SPARC64™ VII+
Frequency (GHz) 2.28/2.4 2.88 3.0
Processor Quantity Max.16 CPU chips
Processor Core Quantity Max.32 Cores Max.64 Cores
Processor Thread Quantity Max.64 Threads Max.128 Threads
Cache Level1 per core
(On core)
256 KB
(128 KB each for
instruction and data cache)
128 KB
(64 KB each for instruction and data cache)
Cache Level2 per CPU chip
(On chip)
6MB 6MB 12MB
Memory Type DDR2 SDRAM
Minimum Capacity 32GB
Maximum Capacity 1TB
Expansion Units 32/64/128GB
Internal HDD Disk Quantity Serial Attached SCSI Disk x Max.16 disks
Maximum Capacity Max.9.6TB
Expansion Units 146/300/600GB
Media Drive One CD-RW/DVD-RW (standard)
Tape Drive (DAT72) One drive (option)
CPU Memory Board (CMU) Max.4 boards
I/O Boards (IOU) Max.4 boards
Interconnect Point to Point crossbar (Data transmission : Max.184GB/sec)
PCI Slots IO Box Connections (Note1) Max.8 IO Boxes
PCI Slots (Internal) Max.32 slots
PCI Slots (IO Box Connection) Max.112 slots
Standard Interface RCI 2 ports
UPC 2 ports
Redundancy Memory (Note2), Disk (Note3), Power supply unit, XSCF, Fan, Power system (Note4), PCI-Card (Note5)
Hot Plug CMU, IOU, IOBOX, Disk, Power supply unit, XSCF, Fan, PCI-Card, DVD-ROM Drive, Tape Drive
Hardware Partitioning Max.16 partitions
Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) 750 x 1,260 x 1,800 mm (29.5 x 49.6 x 70.9 inch)
Maintenance Area (Width x Height) - Single phase 750 mm x 2,860 mm (29.5 x 112.6 inch)
- Triple phase 1,054 mm x 2,860 mm (41.5 x 112.6 inch)
Weight 700 kg ( 1,543 lb.)
AC Power Connection Max. Power Consumption (kW) 9.52 10.49 10.50
Rated Voltage 200-240VAC ±10%
Max Heat Generation (kJh) 34,272 37,764 37,800
Frequency 60 Hz. +2%/-4%
Sample power * Power Calculator (Note6)
Environmental Condition Temperature 5 - 32C (at 0-1500m altitude)
Humidity 20 - 80 %
Features Calendar, Remote power control

Note1: IO Box is an abbreviation of External I/O Expansion Unit

Note2: Available with memory mirroring

Note3: Available with disk mirroring or disk array configuration

Note4: Requires redundant power supply option

Note5: Available with Multipath configuration

Note6: This Power Calculator tool provides sample power consumption of a planned configuration for specific operation conditions.