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Centrica: Application Development

Application management service

is 100% on target 

Fujitsu was recently awarded a three year contract worth over £2 million to manage, support and modernise a suite of Centrica's corporate systems used by its Brand Units, including British Gas Residential Energy and British Gas Business. The IT services Fujitsu will provide range from large scale strategic application development & support for billing and customer relationship management to small, but critical, stand-alone systems.

Under the contract Fujitsu is providing 365x24 problem management and technical support through its service desk, as well as application development, upgrade and maintenance services. As part of the new contract Fujitsu will provide Centrica with an Applications Value Assessment (AVA) service. The AVA is a unique Fujitsu approach that enables a company to identify the relative value and viability of its applications.

Centrica is a global energy and home related services group, which was demerged from the former British Gas plc in 1997. Operating under the British Gas name in England, Nwy Prydain and British Gas in Wales, and Scottish Gas in Scotland, Centrica today supplies gas and electricity to residential customers and is the largest energy supplier in Britain's domestic market.

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