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Data Center of the Future

The changing role of the data center within a Hybrid IT environment.

The market for Cloud based services is ever-growing and continues to drive change in the way IT services are provisioned and delivered. So what does this mean for the traditional data center?
With a shift to a Hybrid IT model, data centers must evolve and change in order to manage the complexity of multi-modal infrastructure. A data center that’s equipped for Hybrid IT blends the best of cloud and traditional, on-premises IT, to drive forward innovation and enable agile service delivery.

The future of the Hybrid IT data center

Most organizations’ legacy data centers aren’t fit for purpose in a Hybrid IT world. In the majority of cases, they’re costly to run and lack the flexibility to support dynamic and rapidly changing business needs.
A Hybrid IT data center needs to deliver agility, lower costs, compliance and security for both physical and cloud-based services. It must provide an environment capable of delivering data and applications to people and devices securely and effectively.
The traditional data center must therefore be optimized, and become significantly more cloud-like in the way it operates. This requires automation and consolidation of data center infrastructure to improve operational costs, increase flexibility and rapidly scale IT systems and services up or down on demand.

How to transform your data center for a Hybrid world

Where do you start with transforming your traditional data center to agile Hybrid IT? How do you know what to migrate to the cloud and when? And how can you migrate your critical systems and data whilst causing no disruption to your day-to-day service? It’s a delicate task that can have huge consequences if you don’t manage it carefully.
First, you’ll need to analyse your current data center environment and understand the thousands of relationships and interactions that exist within it. This should involve rapidly ‘scanning’ your data center based systems before developing a bespoke transformation blueprint that drives the outcomes you need and minimises risk.
Then, you will need to implement that change roadmap – putting your plan into action whilst every aspect of your business remains in full operation. This will need to take place quickly and seamlessly; from migration, to testing, through to decommissioning any old infrastructure that is no longer needed.

The future of the data centre in the age of Hybrid IT
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A data centre equipped for the Hybrid IT era blends the best of cloud and on-premise to drive innovation.

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