Fujitsu Support Roadmap

The products below have been announced or have reached End of Service Life (EOSL). Click on the product link for more information. Please visit the Fujitsu End of Service Life Policy for more information.

ProductSupport Roadmap


Millennium Servers3/31/2013
PRIMEPOWER ServersLast update: August 2014
PRIMERGY ServersLast update: April 2020
SPARC ENTERPRISE ServersLast update: October 2014
4745 Communications Device3/31/2013
4705 and 4725 Communications Device1/31/2008


ETERNUS CS800 V2.2 Deduplication Appliance (SW)12/31/2014
ETERNUS CS HE Data Protection Appliance (Software version V5.1) (SW)12/31/2014
ETERNUS CS HE Data Protection Appliance (Hardware version V08) (HW)6/30/2015
ETERNUS CS FS5193 Appliance Gateway (MTC) V1.40 (SW)12/31/2014
ETERNUS StorageLast update: April 2020
LARiiON Series 30003/31/2006
DASD 6100-66903/15/2006
LVS 4600/48005/31/2007
LVS 4100/4210/450010/15/2006
LVS 2900/GSS 49005/31/2007
UDS Appliance12/31/2014
VSP-1 Communications Device12/31/2007
Brocade SilkWorm 2400 and 2800 Switches1/31/2008