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Retail Engagement Analytics

The FUJITSU Retail Engagement Analytics solution provides retailers with actionable shopper intelligence to help improve shoppers’ experience and store performance. Creating a unique and engaging experience for shoppers is critical to driving store sales and is vital to retailers’ success.  Retailers today need definitive insights into their shoppers’ behavior in the store to effectively meet their customer expectations. Retail Engagement Analytics solution delivers a reliable way to track, capture, dissect and analyze shopper behavior and engagement with precision, scale, and effectiveness.

Using this solution, retailers will be able to:

  • Optimize floor plan and staffing schedule based on shopper location insights
  • Understand shopper visit pattern and respond in real-time to store traffic
  • Develop fact-based trend data to anticipate operational needs more effectively
  • Analyze traffic trends and correlate them with sales (POS) data conversion rates
  • Build an interactive experience for shoppers by engaging them in relevant, context-aware promotional content, discounts and recommendations
  • Enhance operations, the shopper experience and improve the bottom line

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