The revolution starts now - co-creating a future-proof digital workplace

Within the manufacturing sector, businesses are under intense pressure to develop a secure, collaborative and productive digital workplace. Today, digital technology is transforming how we work. As technology expands to connect the workforce, personalize the user experience and better enable collaboration, the traditional workplace is dissolving away.

Manufacturers ability to harness innovation from both inside and outside their organisation will prove a crucial factor in their future success. With demands in the workplace rapidly changing, manufacturers must reinvent their workplace environment.

Research - Workplace 2025: Manufacturing

Workplace 2025: Manufacturing report download

To understand how manufacturers are preparing for future workplace change, Fujitsu partnered with PAC to interview senior industry decision makers to find out how they plan to bridge the gap between their current workplace environment and a strategy for delivering the workplace of the future. Our findings prove interesting reading and reveal that today’s workplace falls short and is failing to deliver in many areas for manufacturers:

  • 90% advise the complexity of current workplace technology is a barrier to productivity
  • 84% advise that interoperability with outdated technology is slowing down their workforce
  • 64% admit current cybersecurity approaches have a negative impact on productivity

Download our Workplace 2025 research for manufacturing to find out how business and technology leaders are laying the foundations for the future digital workplace.

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Fujitsu workplace transformation – overcoming the challenges you face

At Fujitsu, we closely collaborate with our customers to co-create effective solutions that overcome industry specific challenges. Today’s asset intensive manufacturing sector faces internal and external challenges including:

  • improving productivity
  • encouraging collaboration while fostering innovation
  • transferring essential skills
  • retaining experienced talent while attracting a new generation of workers
  • enhancing the customer experience

We understand that addressing these challenges requires a cultural change, as well as an understanding of the connected workforce and digital technology needed. With our digital workplace services, we empower you to keep pace with both technological change and the transformational needs of your business and end users. We are experts in the field of workplace transformation and are recognized as a Gartner Managed Workplace Services leader in Europe.

Why choose Fujitsu to support you on your digital journey?

We have unrivaled expertise in deploying digital workplace solutions that deliver the right balance of performance, cost, flexibility and security. We offer an effective framework that combines technologies, services, people and processes, and can deliver contextual, predictive and seamless analytics-based support services that can guide you through your digital transformation. We can help you to address and overcome the shortcomings that exist in your current workplace strategy, such as:

  • technology being a barrier to productivity
  • implementing strategic new policies to enable innovation and collaboration
  • acceleration of knowledge sharing and flexible working models

With years of experience working with manufacturers around the globe, we have developed an understanding of your sector’s needs and the challenges you face. It’s this knowledge that enables us to develop solutions that deliver lasting results. We can help you create a workplace driven by business value and avoid the common pitfalls associated with solution design, implementation and management.

Using our analytics platform, Workplace Anywhere, we can help you to better understand your employees’ working habits and needs. With Workplace Anywhere we empower you to unleash the potential of your people, achieve outcomes based on creating value, gain actionable business insights and deliver a better user experience.

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