Fujitsu Manufacturing Process Optimization - unlocking productivity and new efficiencies

Today within manufacturing, tough market competition and challenging economic conditions make production errors and waste unacceptable. It’s therefore vital that manufacturers unlock greater productivity and new efficiencies. However, overcoming the challenges of increasing flexibility and speed of production while keeping costs low, is not easy.

Typically, manufacturing production processes are complicated, and this complexity means bottlenecks often develop and go unnoticed which leads to reduced efficiency, inventory accumulation and loss of throughput. With manufacturing optimization, digital technology is used to view processes and address bottlenecks in real time. Issues can then be rapidly resolved to increase efficiency, reduce inventory and increase throughput.

Through the use of industrial IoT, manufacturers are able to gain a comprehensive view of the entire production process. They can use the insight gained to make real-time adjustments to maintain the uninterrupted flow of finished goods and avoid defects. Machinery can be remotely tracked, monitored and adjusted using the sensor data collected from across the plant(s).

The Fujitsu 6 stage approach to Manufacturing Optimization

As well as being a world-leading technology provider, Fujitsu is also a world-class manufacturer with decades of experience. Within our own manufacturing operation, we successfully use Fujitsu automation technology that has been developed and refined by us over many years. We want to share our experience and expertise with manufacturers worldwide, helping them to implement automation technology to improve their productivity.

6 stage approach to Manufacturing Optimisation

Why choose Fujitsu’s manufacturing technology?

Why choose Fujitsu’s manufacturing technology?

We are an experienced manufacturer and IT services provider with a proven track record of delivering manufacturing IT solutions that improve efficiency, reduced inventory and increase throughput. By implementing our technology manufacturers worldwide can gain 25% increases in factory line productivity improvements. Our manufacturing solutions:

  • improve the view of the end-to-end operation
  • provide real-time notification of issues and faults
  • improve support for root cause analysis
  • improve management reporting and benchmarking across the global operation

With our end-to-end services we provide full solution lifecycle support:

  • Setup - we will perform a site survey and tailor our standard manufacturing solution to your unique needs.
  • Machine learning and solution - using machine learning tools, our data scientists create algorithms deployed into the Cloud to analyse your data and generate insights. These are presented via a dashboard, message notification and integration with enterprise systems.
  • Application Services - we operate and maintain applications - including those developed to meet your specific needs.
  • Predictive maintenance - this is part of our cloud-based multi-tenanted manufacturing optimization solution, which:
    • collects real-time data from machines
    • manage devices
    • updates the digital twin with the status and insights from analytics algorithms
    • visualizes the digital twin and acts through integration with enterprise systems

Benefits include reduced downtime and decreased maintenance and capital costs.

Our manufacturing IT services offering includes:

Fujitsu ManageNow® service

  • Preconfigured service solutions for IT Operations Management in heterogeneous IT infrastructures.
  • Solutions that accelerate the implementation and customization of an effective IT operations environment.
  • Fixed priced service bundles (software, deployment service & support) with only 1 order number.

Fujitsu Intelligent Dashboard

  • Provides the window on Manufacturing Optimization - digital technology is used to view processes and address bottlenecks in real time.
  • Delivers improvements in efficiency, reduced inventory and increased throughput.
  • Provides a single real-time view of the entire global operation complete with management reporting and drill down to machines and processes supporting root cause analysis.

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