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Client Computing Devices for Healthcare Solutions

Fujitsu Tablet PCs for Healthcare Industry

The cost of healthcare is rising exponentially across the globe.  Health services are challenged by a tidal wave of chronic diseases or lifelong conditions that require a variety of specialists to work together to provide integrated care. The challenges are overwhelming, yet the answer is simple—Fujitsu.
Fujitsu has a long history of providing innovation to the healthcare industry with a complete array of hardware and infrastructure solutions to meet the demands of medical professionals.  Fujitsu provides the latest technology to contend with today’s ever changing computer landscape as well as the connectivity to a wide array of legacy applications. With over 20 years of providing pen and touch computing to the healthcare industry, Fujitsu has a unique position over other device providers.
At Fujitsu, we believe that deploying technology in the healthcare industry has one aim: to provide the best possible patient experience through IT-enabled innovation. Our approach is to improve patient outcomes by improving healthcare processes.

Thanks to Fujitsu technology:

  • Doctors, nurses and hospital staff are always connected, wherever, whenever resulting in a streamlined collaboration
  • Fujitsu Tablet PCs provide faster, easier access to medical and patient records decreasing costs while improving patient care
  • Fujitsu Client Computing Devices provide the reliability and durability demanded by the healthcare industry
  • Fujitsu offers a comprehensive variety of touch and pen solutions to fit every practitioner’s need
  • The light weight and long battery life of Fujitsu Tablet PCs allow medical practitioners (such as the Visiting Nurse Association) to take patient care to much higher levels