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Fujitsu Servers for Healthcare Industry

Fujitsu Servers for Healthcare Industry

Fujitsu is a truly global organization with healthcare interests in a vast range of geographies. Fujitsu is the world's third-largest IT services provider. We understand the entire healthcare server infrastructure, selection, maintenance and optimization. The back end system must rapidly and accurately locate, retrieve and store relevant information to facilitate first-rate patient care decisions, improve the accuracy of patient/provider/payer transactions, and deliver 24/7 availability of critical systems. Thanks to extensive Fujitsu solutions, medical organizations now have a one-stop resource for both technically advanced back-end servers and innovative front-end mobile devices.

Collaborate with other healthcare practitioners, associated assistants, nurses and support personnel. Fujitsu servers deliver a secure platform so you can share, store and archive key healthcare information, as well as host the software you need to run your office.

Fujitsu Healthcare Servers

Fujitsu PRIMERGY® servers, ETERNUS® storage and VMware® virtualization enables you to not only reduce server sprawl and complexity, but also more quickly provide new services to meet fast changing business needs. Fujitsu PRIMERGY® servers deploy power to any organization’s datacenter and provide full disaster recovery.

Virtualization virtually made for healthcare

Fujitsu has long been committed to total virtualization in healthcare - from servers to storage to networks. The aims are, continuity of customer assets, more efficient resource use, and elimination of complexity, all predicated on the basis of greater customer value. Healthcare professionals will get the same robust end-user experience from any terminal in the building, offsite and even from home, but the critical data remains safely stored.

Fujitsu Healthcare Infrastructure Services

  • Data Center Services
  • Managed Services
  • Storage Services
  • Call Center Services
  • Other


  • Servers & Storage
  • Mobility
  • Scanners
  • Other

Why choose Fujitsu for healthcare?

  • All of our technologies and solutions are focused on enhancing the patient experience and medical outcomes through the latest IT innovations and process enhancements.
  • You benefit from our impressive and rich tradition of healthcare research at our dedicated laboratories.
  • You can rely on us to take projects “from bench to bedside”.
  • We adopt a benefits-driven approach to the design and delivery of programs, ensuring that advances in information and communications technology can drive true change and efficiency gains.
  • We create momentum among key stakeholder groups to promote innovative, more effective ways of delivering healthcare with the added benefit of addressing rising cost pressures.