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Environmentally Friendly Logistics


In logistics, measures including mileage, safety, and quality have always been central preoccupations of automotive businesses. Fujitsu can help your business take full advantage of logistics by visualizing some important aspects of driving habits.

Fujitsu's Eco-Driving Solution

Fujitsu's Eco-Driving Solution

Eco-Friendly Driving

  • Provide feedback to drivers for more efficient and eco-friendly driving practices. Show driving tendencies using ondulation index.
  • Promote eco-friendly driving with audio warnings for speeding and idling while driving.

Analyze Actual Driving

  • Provide annual mileage chart which can be used to analyze mileage trends by month.

Safety Driving

  • Promote safe driving with audio warnings for speeding, abrupt acceleration, and harsh braking.

Prevent Vehicle Thefts

  • Prevent vehicle theft by monitoring vehicle location with GPS-based system.

Obtain Real-Time Driving Info

  • Prevent fraudulent use of vehicles by using tracking information with GPS-based system.

Analyze Driving record

  • Improve business effectiveness by planning transportation using actual driving data and analyzing daily driving reports.
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