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Security Services

Fujitsu offers a full spectrum of Cyber Security offerings supported by first tier vendor partners


Independent, comprehensive reviews of architecture and security controls, including:

  • Biometrics Consulting
  • Compliance Consulting
  • Security Assessment
  • Roadmap Development
  • Privacy Assessment
  • Secure Development Lifecycle
  • Data Governance/Data Loss Prevention


Customized, business-environmentally sensitive approaches to design and implementation. Includes:

  • Installation and Integration Services
  • Network Architecture and Design
  • Security Architecture and Design
  • Database and Server Hardening


Providing cost effective alternatives for Security as a Service delivered from iSOCs:

  • Managed SIEM
  • Network and Perimeter Security
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Identity Access Management
  • Network Data Loss Prevention
  • Endpoint Protection


  • SAMURAI Platform™
  • Secure DirectClick™
  • Network Access Control (iNetSec)
  • Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW)
  • Trusted Identity-as-a Service™
    • Biometrics-as-a-Service™
    • Security IoT Platform
  • Endpoint
    • Anti-Malware/Ransomware
    • Encryption
    • Data Loss Prevention

SAMURAI Platform™

The Fujitsu Security Advanced Monitoring and Unified Remediation with Artificial Intelligence Platform (SAMURAI) integrates the best-of-breed security industry solutions, with an OpenStack® exchange layer and Artificial Intelligence learning and management to bring the same dynamism and evolutionary capability to security incident identification and response.

Biometrics-as-a-Service™ Solution

Fujitsu is transforming the market with its cloud-based identity platform, or Biometrics-as-a-Service, through quick deployment that lowers costs and allows customers to choose and blend modalities to develop the best use case for their particular organization and requirements, permitting rapid integration with existing business intelligence and systems.

Professional Services

The unique Fujitsu approach to security professional services recognizes that organizational culture, people and personalities are just as important as technology in a successful and valuable cyber security program.

Secure DirectClick™

The FUJITSU Secure DirectClick™ Solution offers an encrypted platform for real-time multi-channel communications and data capture – supporting and driving the shift to innovative online customer engagement solutions.


The MedClick is a biometrically secured mobile health communications application that enables medication adherence.