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ERP Hosting Solutions

ERP Hosting Solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business management software lies at the heart of thousands of large enterprises in North America and around the world. It is powerful and business critical, requiring significant resource investments of capital, people, and time. However, organizations are under pressure to reduce technology-related costs while increasing the reliability, agility, flexibility, and sustainability of core business systems.

Fujitsu has the solution. By hosting your ERP applications with Fujitsu, you have the choice of using one of our world-class data centers for traditional fully managed services or opting for IaaS Private Hosted Cloud. Also, you’ll move to seamlessly integrated software system that arm your employees with the ability to more effectively share, capture and manage business critical information. Either way, you can leverage our expert management services and have the best of both worlds – greater performance and reliability at lower cost.

Download the ERP Hosting Solutions Fact Sheet (169 KB)

Fujitsu Addresses Your ERP Hosting Needs

Fujitsu Managed ERP Hosting Solutions provide end-to-end ERP hosting and Application Management services.

  • Managed Infrastructure Services for ERP Hosting consist of end-to-end service and support, delivered for Fujitsu-managed client data centers or out of Fujitsu data centers
  • ERP Application Support provides for the integration of new functions: support for rollouts, release changes/upgrades, migrations, and application optimization
  • ERP Hosting Assessment Service provides for the analysis of your current requirements and approach to managing ERP applications, then projects the potential business benefits that could be gained by moving to a hosted approach.
  • By assessing individual customer needs, we are able to help determine the best way to host the environment, leveraging Private Cloud or Fully managed hosting services.
  • ERP Hosting for your mission-critical systems provides these tangible benefits:
    • A sharper focus on your core business objectives and activities
    • Economies of scale from Fujitsu shared data center infrastructure and managed services
    • Reduced IT infrastructure investment requirements and ongoing operating costs
    • Greater agility from moving from a fixed to a variable cost model
    • Total transparency from a usage-based model
    • Lower personnel resource and training costs with the elimination of, or the need for, in-house expertise
    • Improved SLAs and reliability from high availability of ERP systems across the enterprise
    • Greater business agility to respond to requests for new ERP services
    • Improved ability to meet legal, regulatory, and other compliance obligations
    • Shorter deployment times and lower costs
    • Improved disaster recovery planning by leveraging additional Fujitsu data center