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Lean Optimization

A structured approach to improving speed, cost and quality

All organizations are challenged with: labor shortages; cost increases; low productivity or inadequate performance; employee stress; cumbersome or complex work processes; and the lack of innovation. Traditional solutions like injecting new money, adding resources, reorganizations, etc., are not producing the expected results, and these problems remain.

The Solution: A Proven Approach with Impressive, Measurable, and Sustainable Results

Lean Optimization is different from the traditional improvement approaches because Lean Optimization is a compilation of the bodies of knowledge from: Lean, Six Sigma, the Toyota Production System (TPS), and Kaizen. This integration of Advanced Lean Concepts into a structured and rigorous optimization approach has enabled Fujitsu to successfully complete over 3000 projects with world-class results over a fifteen year history. Fujitsu Lean Optimization Services are applicable in any organization like those in: healthcare, government, IT Services, manufacturing, high technology, etc.

The execution of a Lean Optimization project is based on measurable data to guide practitioner decisions on performance optimization or improvement, and involves all the stakeholders in a given process, at all hierarchical levels, in identifying solutions that are truly adapted to their needs.

The Lean Optimization practice offers ten structured and rigorous project execution methodologies that are based on Harvard Professor John Kotter’s twenty-five critical success factors. This enables our practice to identify the very best and most suitable project methodology that will meet our customer’s needs.

Fujitsu Lean solutions' value-add benefits

Doing business with the Fujitsu Lean Optimization practice means enlisting a reliable and experienced partner that:

  • relies on a team of professionals and engineers with internationally recognized certifications in Lean and Six Sigma (ASQ: Black Belt; Master Black Belt, SME/AME/Shingo Bronze, Silver, Gold)
  • has special expertise in the healthcare, services and industrial sectors, with a history of successful projects
  • has distinctive technical depth, based on an in-depth knowledge of the Lean philosophy and the Toyota production model
  • uses a proven approach, which produces tangible and measurable results quickly
  • has a proven ability to intervene in both simple and complex environments, without ever compromising the quality of interventions and results
  • has an enviable track record, with projects carried out in nearly 20 countries
  • has the ability to deliver projects globally