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Enterprise Content Management

We can help you

  • Reuse, repurpose, and share content
  • Quickly locate and access important company information and media, including images, audio, video and website content
  • Streamline content-intensive business processes and speed online access to vital information

Efficiently manage content and media

Protect the value of your organization’s corporate information and commercial content and drive corporate and regulatory compliance with enterprise content management services (ECM). ECM provides a structured approach for efficiently managing the capture, storage, delivery and secure destruction of your organizational content and documents. With centralized administration of content located worldwide, Fujitsu’s ECM services make your valuable content available immediately on demand to achieve your business objectives.

Cost-effective turnkey solutions

Secure content access, and monitor, track, and audit content changes and modifications. Our content management services provide your organization well-defined IT structures and work processes, and improve control over vital information and document-oriented processes. Expert consultants review your existing content system, assess the gaps and help design strategies for a content framework that best suits your business requirements. Fujitsu’s turnkey ECM solution includes the essential planning, implementation, and maintenance of your content management system that delivers all the benefits of structured and organized content—without the setup cost and management complications.

Industry-specific solutions

Extract relevant information needed for analysis, review, and business-critical decisions. Eliminate lost documents, diminish paper-handling, and reduce paper document storage. Partnering with EMC Documentum and Adobe, Fujitsu offers specialized services for organizations and agencies operating in the areas of financial services, healthcare, government and public services, and more. Leveraging our industry-leading Macroscope® methodology and Benefits Realization techniques, Fujitsu’s Enterprise Content Management solutions and experienced technology professionals will put you in control of your information—and put your content to work.