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Business Intelligence

We can help you

  • Improve the quality and timeliness of your business information
  • Identify organizational pitfalls and discover new business opportunities
  • Improve your competitive advantage by gaining new insight and boosting performance
  • Convert data from a variety of sources into usable formats and create consistent and accurate data models
  • Establish a foundation for fact-based decision making that can lead to increased revenue, improved efficiencies and reduced operational costs

Improve Corporate Decision-Making

Transform your corporate data into valuable business information and improve corporate decision-making with business intelligence services from Fujitsu. Business intelligence (BI) is a decision-support system using technologies, applications and practices to collect crucial business data and key performance indicators, analyze the present business situation, reveal alternative courses of action, and project possible future outcomes. The Fujitsu BI services allow your organization to fully understand its business data, recognize the big-picture perspective of the changing business situation, and pilot your enterprise to a successful future.

The Value of Improved Information

The value of a BI system comes from the information that is extracted from your enterprise resource planning and supply chain management systems. A successful BI implementation gives you the ability to provide the right amount of the right information, at the right time, to the right audience. An exceptional BI system provides the foundation for better decision making. You will benefit from on-the-fly reporting for every aspect of your business, and facilitate full compliance with regulatory guidelines such as Sarbanes-Oxley. Fujitsu business intelligence services enable immediate on-demand access to information from any data location.

With You for the Long-Term

Rather than simply installing equipment and providing a tool to generate reports, Fujitsu takes a proactive approach. As your trusted advisor, we conduct collaborative consulting sessions to help your team think through exactly what is needed now and for the future. We add value because we know which reports are relevant to your industry and what key performance indicators (KPI) and management statistics you need to successfully run your business. Together we develop a roadmap, which often cascades into specific projects and initiatives that are then implemented over time. We will help you design, construct and maintain a powerful BI solution that leverages your existing system—and helps transform raw business data into valuable business knowledge.

Leverage Our Experience

The Fujitsu team effectively functions as a one-stop-shop, combining integrated and pre-tested hardware and software with industry expertise. Experienced BI and data warehousing experts deliver "full-lifecycle" services, guiding you through assessment, implementations, migrations, upgrades, and ongoing maintenance. In addition, our experts can create a "dashboard" for you that is customized to your particular business area, based on our knowledge of the key performance indicators employed in the industry. With the Fujitsu BI services, your company will extract more value from your business data—and turn business knowledge into business success. We use our own industry-specific solution templates and best-practice methodologies to design a comprehensive BI system tailored to your needs. Our templated BI solution accelerates implementation and reduces deployment cost, thus speeding your return on investment (ROI).