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Duet Enterprise Advisory And Implementation Services

We can help you

  • Surface SAP ERP content for your business community
  • Drastically reduce ERP transaction times
  • Provide governed SAP ERP point solutions for your users
  • Eliminate costly back-office development projects
  • Introduce an interactive Web 2.0 interface

Maximize the usability and effectiveness of your SAP ERP data:

Many of today’s companies wish to improve the value and usability of ERP data residing within their SAP systems. More often than not, such companies resort to costly, unsupported customizations of SAP screens, workflows and processes to support the urgent business needs of a subset of knowledge workers.

DUET Enterprise is a joint effort between SAP and Microsoft that provides a secure and extensible integration pipeline between SAP and Microsoft SharePoint; capable of surfacing critical ERP data to the business community through a supportable, governed Web 2.0 enterprise collaboration framework.

Benefit from our industry-defining partnerships with SAP and Microsoft:

Fujitsu provides a risk-mitigating, phased approach to the education, evaluation, implementation and realization of Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP within your organization. Fujitsu Duet-certified consultants have extensive experience deploying SAP- and Microsoft-based systems. Our strong relationships with both companies give us unique access to the best sources of Duet expertise and knowledge. We will design, develop, test, and implement solutions that integrate seamlessly with your core business processes. Our proven development frameworks, methodologies, and best practices ensure every solution will fully meet the demands of your organization.

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