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Oracle Cloud Applications

Oracle Cloud Applications
Oracle and Fujitsu Partnership

Drive your business with Oracle Cloud Applications and Fujitsu

Today digital disruption drives the need for digital business transformation. By digitalizing and switching to Oracle cloud applications, you are enabled to deliver a compelling customer and employee experience, improve efficiency, enhance the decision-making process, and gain significant competitive advantage.

Driving change while still using traditional on-premises ERP systems and application platforms isn’t easy, which is why switching to the Cloud is the right move. However, the seamless migration and integration of cloud applications with existing IT systems, can be a challenge. Many organizations lack the internal know-how and skills to effectively manage migration on their own, which is where Fujitsu comes in. With 30 years of experience working with Oracle, we are the right partner to make the process as cost efficient and trouble free as possible.

Fujitsu simplify migration to cloud applications

Having made the decision to migrate to cloud-based applications, the transition needs to be fast, efficient and cause minimal disruption. To do this effectively, you need the right technology partner. In partnership with Oracle, Fujitsu can seamlessly migrate your enterprise applications to the Cloud. We can deliver the solutions you need to connect your people, data, processes, and systems, to increase your efficiency, agility, and profitability.

Having implemented Oracle cloud applications for our own HCM system, we have learned first-hand the advantages of migration, and can successfully help you to transform your business using Oracle Cloud. Sharing our insight and experience, we can keep your business up to speed in the digital world.

The business benefits of cloud applications

Oracle cloud applications offer greater scalability and flexibility to enable your business to develop and grow without any IT limitations. They can deliver full ROI within 2 years, and can provide substantial cost reductions compared to traditional on-premises solutions.

Oracle Cloud Applications

With oracle cloud applications
Watch the video to find out more about how our holistic approach lets your company become more agile, attractive, efficient and profitable.