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Application Management

We can help you

  • Design, develop, test and implement new software applications directly into your business operations
  • Retire, replace and archive obsolete applications no longer required by your business
  • Analyze the cost to build, maintain and replace applications
  • Assess application quality, reliability and useful service life to determine their true business value

Keep pace with business change

Enable your company-wide software application upgrades and enhancements to keep pace with changes and growth of your organization with the application management services from Fujitsu. Application management enables organizations to maintain, measure and cost-justify their growing inventory of applications and supporting IT infrastructure. Optimizing business benefits and minimizing maintenance and operations cost, our application management services enable your company’s applications portfolio to evolve in step with changing business requirements.

Manage application lifecycles

We apply a comprehensive lifecycle-management approach that encompasses all application types—from legacy custom applications to newer web-based applications—and helps your organization administer, secure and control applications internally, or outsourced to focus scarce corporate resources on revenue-generating activities.

Optimize business value

Fujitsu helps your organization maintain optimal business value of your entire portfolio of applications. Our North America and Asia delivery centers provide a flexible mix of on-site, off-site, near-shore and offshore resources, enabling a “service anywhere” global reach with world-class business value.

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