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Application Modernization Case Studies

Discover how Fujitsu has helped organizations around the world modernize their IT systems and get the most from legacy applications.

Skandinavisk Data Center (SDC)

SDC worked with Fujitsu and Microsoft to design a three-stage plan for the successful migration from mainframe to .NET. The first stage was to move application code for 14,000 COBOL programmes from the mainframe and execute it on the.NET platform. The team then worked to migrate 2,500 transactions, such as bill payment, bank transfers and log-on procedures. Finally, the database was transferred to the Microsoft Application Platform. This modernization saved SDC 15M Euros per annum.

New Brunswick Department of Public Safety

Fujitsu used its PROGRESSION suite to automate the conversion of 1.5 million lines of code; 110 database tables; 40 million data records; and 867 business logic programs, migrating away both online and batch programs from the COBOL mainframe to a stable, reliable solution in a .NET environment.

Unit Trust (UTC)

UTC had complex legacy systems but needed to understand how to take them to a digital platform. Fujitsu performed an AMA (Application Modernization Analytics) service which enabled them to progress to an AMD (Application Modernization Database) service, consolidating and modernizing all of their data.

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