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Dynamic Resource Management

Resource orchestration - automated provisioning from pools of resources

ServerView Resource Orchestrator Cloud Edition automatically provisions IT infrastructure from shared pools of resources covering servers, storage and networks. Automated provisioning tasks relieve infrastructure administrators from mundane manual tasks, enabling faster delivery of servers and more efficient life-cycle operations. The results are overall productivity improvements with a positive effect on data center operational costs. Unlike many private cloud management platforms ServerView Resource Orchestrator Cloud Edition is not limited to virtual environments. It simultaneously enables provisioning of physical systems providing broader choices, when users are looking for the best fit platform for their application needs.
When managing individual resource pools, ServerView Resource Orchestrator Cloud Edition not only provides interfaces to Fujitsu's own management platforms, but also integrates with management products from major technology partners.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Service creation

In order to simplify end-user access to IT infrastructure resources, ServerView Resource Orchestrator Cloud Edition introduces cloud infrastructure management. This enables the creation of infrastructure services from pools of shared resources. These can then be published as service templates in a service catalog.

Service requests

Users can select services, on demand, from the self-service portal, using the service catalog. According to individual needs the template based services can be customized within pre-defined limits. Following any necessary approval process, which is controlled by the integrated subscription workflow management system ServerView Resource Orchestrator Cloud Edition automatically provisions and releases the service for use. Once provisioned, users have control over their own resources. They can start, stop, backup or even issue requests to modify the existing configuration.

Service monitoring

ServerView Resource Orchestrator Cloud Edition provides a range of service monitoring options (i.e. dashboard) allowing end users and IT administrators to get a consolidated view on utilization of resource pools and performance metrics of resources currently in use.

Service accounting

The accounting capability of ServerView Resource Orchestrator Cloud Edition enables IT organizations to link pricing information to resources showing users the costs of the requested IT infrastructure. This information can provide the foundation for companies wishing to implement charge back models. Having the cost transparency for selfservice resource requests allows business units to better understand the cost of deploying and maintaining their business services.

Capacity management

ServerView Resource Orchestrator Cloud Edition allows infrastructure administrators to get insight into the utilization of all resource pools including the option to set thresholds to get an early notification of pools running out of resources. For planning the future demand of resources, ServerView Resource Orchestrator Cloud Edition shows a demand forecast based on the past utilization of resource pools.

VDI Infrastructure Management

Collaboration with VDI software

ServerView Resource Orchestrator Cloud Edition can collaborate closely with VDI software to achieve effective life-cycle operation in the VDI environment.

  • Citrix XenDesktop 7.1
  • VMware Horizon View 5.2/ 5.3

Automated virtual PC creation

The process from application to deployment is automated using ServerView Resource Orchestrator Cloud Edition. The user applies for a virtual PC via a web based process to streamline the paperwork. The administrator then checks the request and sends approval over the same web based portal, reducing time and effort needed to finalize the process. As a result, not only can the users be up and running on the virtual PCs sooner, but also administrators can minimize manual operations.