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Self Service Portal

Service users are able to use the Self Service Portal to lease virtual platforms (which may require approval prior to use), and then perform operational and maintenance tasks, including the starting and stopping of systems, taking snapshots, and performing system restores.
This makes it possible to reduce the workload on service providers and infrastructure administrators.

Effective use of ICT resources

ICT resources can be pooled using virtualization technology and managed centrally.
Required ICT resources can then be drawn down from the resource pool and modified according to changes in use.
ICT resources that are no longer required can be returned to the pool so that they can be reused by other service users.

Visualizing ICT resources

The Dashboard window makes it possible to check the usage status of CPUs for both virtual platforms and physical servers. This enables judgments to be made on moving virtual platforms to the most optimal physical servers.
Users can determine the efficiency of their operations by the ability to track detailed information on each of the following resources:

  • Resource pool information (total amount, amount used, amount unused)
  • Operating system image information (storage location, OS type)
  • VM host information (number of virtual machines running, resource status)
  • VM guest information (number of virtual machines running, resource status)
  • Logical server information (number of servers running, resource status)
  • Environmental information (server power consumption and temperature)
System ConfigurationSystem Configuration

System Configuration