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Enterprise Professional Services

At Fujitsu, we follow a structured consulting methodology in order to ensure project and customer success. We believe that the life cycle for each project is comprised a set of phases from define to manage and provide a wide variety of service offerings, that our partners and customers can leverage based on their unique needs.

Server Services Server Services

Fujitsu Server Services include services such as PRIMERGY® Services for Blade and Rack Servers and SPARC Enterprise® QuickStart services.

Storage Services ETERNUS Storage Family

Fujitsu Storage Services include services such as the as the ETERNUS® Deployment services , SAN Architecture services and Advanced Copy Manager Implementation services.

FUJITSU Integrated System PRIMEFLEX Support Support

In order to cope with the shift to vertically integrated product stacks (e.g. Fujitsu Integrated Systems and Storage Solutions), Fujitsu provide two types of Infrastructure Support offerings.

Oracle® Solaris® to Linux® Migration Assessment Services Migration Assessment Services

Fujitsu offers migration service assessments for SPARC Environment transitions to Intel based hyper-converged solution.

Fujitsu Support Packs for Services Technology in dept - SPARC Enterprise features fully explained

A suite of “remote” On-Demand services for Fujitsu Enterprise Customers who need a little extra assistance with their Fujitsu Enterprise Products such as PRIMERGY® Servers, ETERNUS® Storage, SAP HANA® Solution, BWA Solution, HPC Solution, etc.

SAP Services STYISTIC Q550 Slate PC

Providing value services to improve operational excellence of your existing IT assets

Virtualization Services a woman sat at her computer talking to another female colleague

FUJITSU VMware® vSphere® Assessment Service. This service provides an assessment and capacity analysis of your VMware virtual infrastructure.