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Fujitsu Certified Pre-Owned Cards

Fujitsu Certified Pre-Owned Cards

The Quality You Expect at a Price You Can Afford

Fujitsu Certified Pre-Owned Cards help you maintain your existing installed base of Fujitsu equipment and reduce your CAPEX and OPEX expenses without sacrificing network reliability or service quality. All cards are refurbished and warrantied by Fujitsu, the original equipment manufacturer.

Although purchasing products on the “grey market” – a secondary distribution system that is not supported by the original equipment manufacturer – can seem attractive due to the low prices at which goods are offered, it can be risky. Products purchased this way can be unreliable, and purchasers have no way of knowing if they are receiving a working unit, that the unit they’ve purchased is genuine and not an inferior counterfeit, or that the unit in hand has not been stolen.

Additionally, third-party vendors cannot certify grey market parts without the original design specs. For this reason, customers have no way of knowing whether they are getting a new part, a counterfeit part, or simply swapping one defective part for another.

In order to help customers avoid the risks inherent in purchasing equipment from the grey market, Fujitsu has created the Certified Pre-Owned Cards program. With this program, customers are able to buy dependable factory refurbished parts from the original equipment manufacturer at a significant savings compared to new.

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