Transportation network solutions

Modernizing transportation infrastructure

Secure and reliable transportation. Eco-friendly digital and technological innovations. Continuous and immediate situational awareness. Real-time passenger information and seamless wireless connectivity. Faced with these growing demands, transit and rail operators are rapidly modernizing their communications infrastructure to increase cyber and network resiliency, operational efficiencies, ridership, and achieve sustainability goals.

Network modernization is essential to digital transformation. Your communications network is the backbone of your commuter rail and bus service.

The value of a communication network systems integrator 

Designing new or replacing complex, aging networks and systems with outdated technology is a large, complicated task that takes time, expertise, and meticulous planning.

Many operators are turning to an accountable network systems integrator who can design and integrate interconnected subsystems with safety and security in mind. A partner who can oversee and manage the entire project by bringing together the right ecosystem partners and multivendor solutions for successful implementation.

Modernizing and integrating your communications systems

Fujitsu designs and integrates interconnected subsystems, applications, and networks so you can realize the full the value of intelligent digital technologies.

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Fujitsu communication network systems integrator services

Fujitsu has many years of experience helping some of the world’s largest public transit operators both design new and modernize existing networks with multivendor solutions for data and wireless communications, public address, network and physical security, telephony, and other subsystems. As a communications network systems integrator, we support operators, systems integrators, and civil engineering firms services like:

  • Solution consulting
  • Communications network design and engineering
  • Systems integration
  • Factory Integration and Acceptance Testing (FIT/FAT)
  • Systems Integration and Acceptance Testing (SIT/SAT)
  • Network deployment and activation
  • Network operations and maintenance
  • Records management and knowledge transfer

Brochure: Digital infrastructure for smart transportation

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