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Packet-Driven Networks

Packet-Driven Networks

Packet-Driven Networks

Today, almost all traffic from service providers’ residential and business customers is Ethernet-based. Service providers commonly address growth needs on these networks by increasing capacity with a non-coherent n × 10G DWDM network, adding more 10G Ethernet services as needed. While this solution is viable for the near term, it does not accommodate the need for growth to 100G service. As customers begin to demand 100G, a new coherent 100G DWDM network will be needed, or it will be necessary to grow the 10 GbE network into a 100 GbE network. 

The Fujitsu Packet-Driven Networks solution meets growing capacity demands with 100 GbE service delivery. Essentially, the solution disaggregates a typical converged packet optical transport chassis (P-OTS) using 1FINITY™ switch, transport and ROADM blades to deliver multilayer services, together with Virtuora software, to provide software-defined network control. 

Versatile, Practical Deployment Options  

The Packet-Driven Networks solution can be deployed in a variety of ways, including brownfield networks that incorporate FLASHWAVE 9500 and CDS platforms. The solution easily accommodates current needs while providing flexible, low-risk options for capacity growth. 

The following functionality is supported in this release: 

  • 10G to 100G aggregation 
  • Direct 100G DWDM connections 
  • E-Line and E-LAN services 
  • G.8031 and G.8032 protection 
  • Access and core device interoperability 

In an increasingly competitive environment, providers must deploy larger amounts of bandwidth faster, with a high level of service assurance. However, delivering the needed capacity presents significant challenges. Service providers need a flexible packet-based solution that reduces expense and risk, yet enables adaptive evolution and embraces software-defined management and control. 

Solution Benefits  

  • Modular, pay-as-you-grow expansion 
  • Dense 1 GbE or 10 GbE to 100 GbE aggregation 
  • Economical and resource-efficient 
  • Future-proof, evergreen technology 

Functional Elements

Switching Nodes:

  • 1FINITY™ S100 1.2 Tbps Ethernet Switch R 2.1 and 2.2 
  • FLASHWAVE® CDS R 6.6.2 

ROADM Nodes: 

  • 1FINITY L100 Series Lambda blade R 2.4 
  • 1FINITY T300 and T310 Transport blades 
  • FLASHWAVE 9500 R 9.4 

SDN Controller: 

  • Virtuora® Network Controller (NC) V 5.0

Solution & Technology Briefs