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System Memory

Fujitsu has been offering the high quality and high performance memory, which are essential for enhanced digital applications, over many years.
Recently the customer's end-products need high performance and low power consumption memory with small form factor. In addition to stand alone memory products, Fujitsu is offering the kinds of memory solution.

Fujitsu's memory featuring high quality, high performance and low power consumption is spreading to worldwide as a System Memory to support the customer system.

FRAM (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory)

FRAM CardFRAM is a non-volatile memory, which has the features of high-speed writing, low-power consumption and high endurance. FRAM is also known as FeRAM, and it is a type of memory that uses a ferroelectric film as a capacitor to store data.
By features of a non-volatile memory and high-endurance, the FRAM can be used for various applications such as mobile, OA equipment, digital appliance, banking terminal, security card. In addition, the FRAM, having small chip size and low power consumption, is suitable for RFID tag and our passive RFID with large memory size is massively used in worldwide.