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Thick Copper PCBs

Best Solutions for Customer ProblemsPCBs for Large-Current ApplicationsCooling High Power Devices from backside of PCBsSpread heat spots onto PCBsOptimization of heat radiation on PCBsPCB Application Fields & Specification OutlinePCBs with 175µm Thick Cu for LSI TesterHigh heat dissipation PCBs for AutomotivePCBs with 500µm Thick Cu for large-current applications

Best Solutions for Customer Problems

Issue-1PCBs for Large-Current Applications

We provide thick copper PCBs with maximum 500μm for large-current applications.

  • Using Thick Copper PCBs instead of Bus bar enables flexible wiring and better electrical insulation for large current traces.

    Bus bar type → Thick copper layers as Bus bar

  • Products miniaturization is achieved by the joule heat analysis of large-current patterns and the optimization of PCB design.

    PCB temperature distribution analysis <using 500μm Cu thickness>

  • Optimized combination of inner copper thickness is enabled.

Thermal simulation of thick Cu pattern

Thick copper PCB(500µm max) for high current application

Thick copper PCB(1000µm max) for high current application (Under development)

Issue-2Cooling High Power Devices from backside of PCBs

A highly effective heat conducting path is formed with the copper coin between PCB top and bottom, which enables to conduct the heat generated from the device efficiently to the opposite side of PCBs.

Embedded Copper coin product

Image of device heat radiation, using Copper coin

Issue-3Spread heat spots onto PCBs

Applying high heat radiation material to PCBs enables significant improvements in conduction of heat to horizontal direction (x-y axis). As the electrically insulated high heat dissipation material is applied to PCBs, the high heat spots from power devices is distributed in the horizontal direction.

High heat dissipation PCB structure

Issue-4Optimization of heat radiation on PCBs

We propose the best PCB technology solution for various demands for large current and high heat radiation. The feature of our PCB technology is shown as below.

Strong points of each technology for industrial and power electronics products
Requirements Technology application
High current with thick copper
<Inner layer>
High heat dissipation materials
<xy-axis heat dissipation>
Copper coin
<z-axis heat dissipation>
High current Better - (Under development)
Device heat radiation Good Good Better
Heat diffusion Good Better -

We can solve the problem for large-current and power device heat radiation with total PCB solutions!

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PCB Application Fields & Specification Outline

PCBs with 175µm thick Cu for LSI tester

Layer Construction 22 layers
PCB Size, Thickness 599mm × 694mm, 6.36mm
Copper Thickness (Inner layers) 35µm,70µm,105µm, 175µm (4 types)

High heat dissipation PCBs for Automotive

Layer Construction 8 layers (2-4-2)
PCB Size, Thickness 320mm × 192mm, 1.2mm
Line / Space 100µm / 100µm
Thermal conductivity 1.5 – 2.5W/(mK)

PCBs with 500µm thick Cu for large-current applications

Layer Construction 4 layers
PCB Size, Thickness 147mm × 145mm, 2.75mm
Line / Space 200µm / 150µm
Copper Thickness (Inner layers) 500µm (L2, L3 layer)


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