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High Speed Transmission PCBs

Best Solutions for Customer ProblemsPCB constructions for high speed transmissionTransmission-loss improvements without changing materialsStub-less VIA structures, minimizing reflection lossesPCB Application Fields & Specification OutlineCPU Memory Board for SupercomputersSequential lamination PCBs for Network Infrastructure Systems

Best Solutions for Customer Problems

Issue-1PCB constructions for high speed transmission

Material and structural optimization with accurate alignment technology for sequential lamination PCB enables high-speed transmission PCBs, tailored to customer needs and expectations.

  • Supporting product development from the early stage of the design according to the electrical simulation and the real measurement data of transmission.
  • Enabling low cost design with conventional and sequential lamination structure by different dielectric materials.
  • Tight impedance control for the critical signal patterns enables high speed transmission, aiming for up to 50Gbps transmission.

Application of various low loss materials

Issue-2Transmission-loss improvements without changing materials

Smoothing the surface of the signal pattern with our technology enables significant improvement on transmission loss without changing dielectric materials to high specification.

Significant improvement on transmission loss with chemical bonding

Smooth Pattern Technology
(Comparison between mechanical anchoring and chemical bonding)

Issue-3Stub-less VIA structures, minimizing reflection losses

Our back drilling technology, decreasing open-stub length, reduces the transmission loss by reflection noise at high frequency operation. And stable high-speed transmission can be achieved.

PCB cross section, applying back drilling technology

Double sided press-fit connector for high-speed transmission can be applied with comprehensive technology by back drilling and sequential lamination technology. Press-fit connectors, mounted from both sides, shorten wiring length and increase wiring density.

Backplane for double sided press-fit connector mounting

Sequential lamination PCBs with hybrid dielectric materials enables low loss dielectric material layer, applied only to necessary surface layers for the high-speed signal transmission. And its combination with the back drilling technology reduces transmission loss by reflection noises at high-speed transmission.

Sequential lamination structure with different 2-types of materials

We can solve the problem for high-speed transmission with total PCB solutions!

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PCB Application Fields & Specification Outline

CPU Memory Board for Supercomputers

Layer Construction 22 layers
PCB Size, Thickness 452mm × 192mm, 3.068mm

Sequential lamination PCBs for Network Infrastructure Systems

Layer Construction 28 layers (14 + 14) Sequential lamination
PCB Size, Thickness 480mm × 420mm, 3.6mm
Line / Space 100µm / 150µm
Via diameter (PTH, IVH) Φ350µm, Φ120µm


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