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Multilayer PCBs

High Density Interconnect PCBs

We provide High-performance and High-reliability multilayer PCBs for ICT infrastructure systems and Social systems. Our High-density PCBs are applicable to place 0.8mm pitch 4000pin class BGA LSIs on both sides of the PCBs.

High Speed Transmission PCBs

We provide high-performance multilayer PCBs, enabling ultra-high-speed transmission, with the latest technology to minimize transmission loss at high frequency by the PCB structure, decreasing open Via-stub. The high-speed transmission over 40Gbps is achieved by overall technology of the pattern surface smoothing, the back-drilling fabrication and the low loss dielectric material optimization.

Thick Copper PCBs

We provide thick copper and good thermal conductive PCBs for large electric current applications of industrial systems and power electronics products. We propose best PCB solutions, applying copper coin technology and good thermal conductive materials for cooling high power devices.