Touch Panels - Cleaning Information

Applicable to Fujitsu Components Ltd. and Transtouch Technology Inc. products

  • Use a soft lint-free cloth.
  • The cloth may be used dry, or lightly dampened with a mild cleaner or Ethanol.
  • Be sure the cloth is only lightly dampened, not wet. Never apply cleaner directly to touch panel surface; if cleaner is spilled onto touch panel, soak it up immediately with absorbent cloth.
  • Cleaner must be neither acid nor alkali (neutral pH).
  • When using cleaner, avoid contact with the edges of the film or glass, and with the flex tail.
  • Wipe the surface gently; if there is a directional surface texture, wipe in the same direction as the texture.
  • Never use acidic or alkaline cleaners, or organic chemicals such as: paint thinner, acetone, tolulene, xylene, propyl or isopropyl alchohol, or kerosene.
  • Suitable cleaning products are commercially available pre-packaged for use; one example of such a product is Klear Screen™, or commercially available off-the-shelf retail brands such as Glass Plus® Glass and Surface Cleaner made by Reckitt-Benckiser.
  • Use of incorrect cleaners can result in optical impairment of touch panel and/or damage to functionality.

NOTE: Most products contain 1-3% Isopropyl Alcohol by volume, which is within acceptable limits for Resistive Touch Panel cleaning use.

CAUTION: Many products contain Ammonia, Phosphates, and/or Ethylene Glycol, which are NOT ACCEPTABLE; check product content label carefully.


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