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Safety Standards

Fujitsu Components relays meet the requirements of a variety of safety standards recognized worldwide. To view safety standard information for a Fujitsu Components relay series, find the relay of interest in the table below. To obtain a copy of a certificate, please contact one of our sales offices closest to your location. For an overview of the safety standards that apply to Fujitsu Components relays (UL, CSA, etc.), click here.

Relay Series UL File Number CSA File Number
A E45026 LR35579
FTR-B3 E63615 LR40304
FTR-B4 E63615 LR40304
FTR-C1 E63615 LR40304
FTR-C2 E63615 LR40304
FTR-F1 E63614 LR40304
FTR-F2 E63614 LR40304
FTR-F3 E63614 LR40304
FTR-F4 E63614
FTR-F6 E63614
FTR-H1 E63614 LR40304
FTR-H2 E63614 LR40304
FTR-H3 E63614 LR40304
FTR-J2 E63615 LR40304
FTR-K1 E63614 LR40304
FTR-K2 E63614
FTR-K2G E63614 LR40304
FTR-K2W E63615 LR40304
FTR-K3 E63614 LR40304
FTR-LY E63614
FTR-MY E63614 LR40304
JS E56140 LR35579
JSL E56140
JV E56140 LR35579
JY E56140 LR35579
LZ E56140
MZ E45026
NA E4506 LR35579
NY E56140 LR35579
RY E45026 LR35579
SY E45026 LR35579
VB E56140 LR35579
VE E56140 LR35579
VF E56140 LR35579
VS E56140 LR35579
VSB E56140 LR35579